Where's the Keyring?

Keyring existed in Vanilla from essentially day1.

Wonder why they haven’t incorporated it.

It wasn’t in day 1 but was added during the Naxx patch. You’re right we probably should have it if it’s not there. Are you sure you don’t have one of the keys thata didn’t go in the keyring bag?

Definitely wasn’t in from day 1, it was introduced in 1.11 (naxx).

Not sure if they said they’d include the keyring from the initial start of classic, though i don’t see a reason why to not have it.

edit: also keep in mind only a small amount of keys were held in the keyring, dire maul and scholo keys for instance.

Keyrings existed way before Naxx.

I didn’t know day 1 was patch 1.11.1

Nope. Added in 1.11 as Shyë said. Google it, Blizzard doesn’t allow links in the posts.

This has been asked and answered. Blue said they’re patching it in.


O look the only useful response.

O look using the search feature is hard for Tempest.

Consent and Shyë are correct.


Key rings have been added to the game.

Level 1-39 = 4 slots
Level 40-49 = 8 slots
Level 50-60 = 12 slots