Wheres are 8 trophies of strife from sparks quest?

a trophy, should have had 8, talking Strife, not Conquest here, wpvp gear upgrade one

Yea, I know.

Blizz doesn’t reward any either, after it’s been bugged.

Please do not use commas like that. You’re butchering the English language.


soooo, are we supposed to have these 8 trophies this week or not?

Yeah I’d like to know as well before I do the quests.

Shortly after maintenance on Tuesday, we applied a hotfix that inadvertently caused certain rewards from the upcoming PvP season to become available to players purchasable with Season 2 currencies, specifically Trophies of Strife and the optional reagents used to add PvP item level onto crafted items. We have since deployed a fix for that situation and want to clarify what to expect for players who may have acquired them.

  • Trophies of Strife are no longer obtainable from the Sparks of Life quest for this week, and players who completed it during this window will have their currency reset to 0 at the start of Season 3. As there is nothing available this week to purchase with Trophies of Strife, players will not have an advantage over others.
  • Items crafted with the Verdant Trophies or Crests have had their PvP iLevel set to the equivalent honor and conquest equivalent of Season 2. Excess of these items have been converted to Poor quality and will not be usable for further crafting despite what their tooltip implies and should be vendored.
  • Once Season 3 begins on Tuesday, a new batch of Verdant reagents will be available from the vendors as intended. As always, you will be able to Recraft your existing gear with a Spark of Dreams to use these trophies. This includes players who may have used a Verdant Trophy or Crest this week.

Additionally, we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify a couple things going into the new season.

  • PvP gear of all sorts has been migrated into the new upgrade system and will require Flightstones and Crests to upgrade rather than Honor or Trophies of Strife.
  • Trophies of Strife will be used to purchase the upgraded version of War Mode gear (486 PvP iLevel) directly from Malicia herself. These items will only cost Bloody Tokens and Trophies of Strife; you do not need the base item to upgrade.
  • Trophies of Strife are now a currency with a catch-up mechanism built in. Beginning on Week 2, although visible from Week 1, players who fall behind their weekly Sparks of Life quest can purchase catch-up Trophies of Strife for 3500 honor each until you have caught up.

Hello Kaivax,

Where is my sword?



I was curious as to why I got mine but my buddy I did the quest with didn’t.

Hanging out with the playable Ogres and Shaman Tank spec

Wait, so if we purchased the base ilvl bloody token gear, and then later want to upgrade it with trophies of strife, we can’t? We have to farm more bloody tokens? Am I understanding you correctly?

Why this change? It would have been nice to know this ahead of time, before some of us spent over 1,000 tokens already.

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Yeah, looks like.

There had been a few hiccups with upgrading bloody token pieces in previous seasons, I think where you’d have instances of the wrong pieces of gear being eaten because they have the same id or something, like a rogue goes to upgrade his offhand dagger and it’d eat the mainhand, already upgraded one instead.

Thanks Kaivax! Is there any plan to implement S3 honor vendors before Tuesday? Or is the only option to gear at the moment through world PVP?

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Thanks for addressing this. I was wondering what was going on. Thanks!

I would say no since the new PvE gear also doesn’t drop until Tuesday.

That’s probably why the gear is so cheap in comparison to seasons 1 and 2

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Yikes. Well, I think the smart thing to do is probably log off for the rest of the week while they figure things out. Don’t want to waste any more time lol.

Yeah, I spent like two hours brawling it out at the world quest zones, expecting to be able to buy, like, weapon and 2-3 pieces and was able to afford the full set. :dracthyr_heart:

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TY MR Blue Post for answering us!

Will the boa honor medal come back to the vendor on Tuesday as well?


This. That was so nice to have.