Where is portal to blasted lands

Where do we find portal to blasted lands?

In Stormwind there is no longer a portal to the Blasted Lands, but if you talk to the people standing where the portal used to be, one of them will send you to the Blasted Lands. I assume it’s the same for the Horde - talk to a person near where the portal used to be.


I don’t see him/her. Who do I talk to to get a portal to blasted lands?

There is no portal to the Blasted Lands anymore. It has been replaced by a portal to Shattrath City in your faction’s new portal room.


Why would they do this!? Wwwhhhhyyy!?


The same reason they removed the portal to the Shrines in Pandaria and replaced them with portals to the starting villages in the Jade Forest, presumably.

Because they want the world to “feel more expansive”. And yes, that is the actual reason they have given for the removal of all of the most convenient portals in the game.

My personal hope is that they’ll get enough negative feedback that they’ll at least replace the portals to places that are otherwise relatively out of the way such as Caverns of Time and Karazhan, with an outside hope that they’ll rethink the removal of the portals to the Shrine of Seven Stars/Two Moons.


You can ask the mage near the portal room to send you Hellfire Pennisula and then go through the Dark Portal to Blasted Lands.


I clicked him. He does nothing :frowning:

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He doesn’t have an option to port you to Hellfire? Are you sure you clicked the right mage? I can do it just fine.

It’s the Thrallmar Mage standing by the portal to Shattrath.


Just tested this out, the Thrallmar Mage to the left of the Portal to Shattrath had a chat option to report to the Dark Portal.

If the option isn’t showing up then it’s most likely for the same reason the original portal to Blasted Lands wouldn’t be available, like being too low level or leaving off in the middle of the questline to go to AU Draenor.


Ah okay thank you

There is a portal to Hellfire in the Magic Quarter. You can get there by going to Silvermoon and using the Translocator thing.

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It worked for me :slight_smile: Thanks

I think this is the scenario for one of my toons as one can get the portal from Thrallmar and one cant. Would you happen to know what questline it is that opens it up? Ive been searching around the web but havent come up with a specific quest line yet.

I just went through a similar issue on an alliance druid.
The Hellfire mage had nothing to offer me at level 58 although I could travel to the portal and fly through it. There was nothing on the other side but a rockface until I relogged. Then I could fly through it to Outland.

When the druid hit 60, the quest to see the Hellfire Mage popped. I spoke to him and he ported me to it.

Hi how’s it going?

No portal remains to Blasted Lands. We have to fly. Old school players have hopefully remembered to get flight paths or suffer

There is a portal to/from Shat and Org and Stormwind and a flight path from Shat to the BC side of the portal.

The Hellfire portal is in Undercity and you can’t go through the dark portal in the Blasted Lands anymore. Fastest way to the Blasted lands is to either take the zeppelin to Grom’gol or take the portal to Undercity and then go to the zeppelin tower outside and take the portal to Grom’gol.

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