Where is my refund?

Should have rolled pve.

Right, because Classic isn’t a theme park. :roll_eyes:

Incorrect, there is WPVP.

That is the structure currently supporting the honor system.

There are multiple ways to skin a cat. Instead of complaining that your method does not work to world. How about you learn a thing or two about this game and adapt.

You can lvl in dungeons, sweetheart. Oh and guess what, you can’t get killed by the enemy faction in there. Shocker, I know.

That is legitimately the only reasonable response. Just because you were too ignorant to understand what PLAYER VS PLAYER means. Does not mean you were wronged in any capacity.

Makes an ultimatum that changes are required. Yet gives no resolution.

Yup, just what I suspected. Another entitled child with absolutely no comprehension or understanding of how to solve problems.

Lets makes something explicitly clear, snowflake.

You are no one and nothing. You are so incredibly infinitesimal. That your sorry little ultimatum here is laughable at best. Grow up. Stop acting entitled. The game is very playable. Just because YOU lack any intelligence to understand how to get around this. Does not mean Blizzard is beholden to you.

Good day, sir!

That moment when you think classic isn’t a theme park :laughing:

By that logic, all MMOs are theme parks.

Another thing some of these fellow posters aren’t saying is how many server types are out, most are pvp servers. SO yes most players are FORCED to pvp.

imagine my shock

Explain to use how you are unable to play on your level 120 Hunter?

Because that’s what you’re paying for.

Sorry Karen. If you can log in then they held up their end. And the manager doesn’t even read these forums so you’re in the wrong place.

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Something something entitled.

i’m sorry, but didn’t you pick the server type? how is that blizzard’s fault?

You have gotten better at entitlement (298)

You can choose to not be on a PVP server, or you can choose to go back to retail where things are easier and less stressful for you. The game isn’t broken just because it makes your play style harder.

I legitimately don’t think this is going to be an issue.

I think you feel this will be an issue because it’s how you feel. You represent a portion of the gamers, not all.

Either way, looks like you’re ready for the ‘fail’ and can happily return to retail whenever you’re set.

Late just under the wire 0-post L120 sunday troll thread.

Nobody should forget that bfa players like the op got to play classic for not a cent more than they were already paying for bfa.

And the reason for that is because so many people WANTED a classic PVP experience, which is pretty much exactly what we have right now. So… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Pretty solid troll here. I’d say 8/10.

Classic is also a theme park style MMO. It just isn’t quite as cookie cutter.

Decent troll thread, 6/10 I’d say

I’m playing just fine. Maybe you’re banging your head against a wall, hoping if your forehead bleeds enough, someone will start a revolution.

The great thing about WoW classic is actually that there’s no one path to take to accomplish anything. In fact, trying one thing will eventually result in inefficiency. That’s actually pretty immersive and interesting for those who enjoy using their brains.

Everybody else should just go away. You thought you did, but you didn’t.

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When children try to participate in an adult conversation…

Just want to throw this out there, PvP isn’t the only thing to do in this game, PvE exists, like your Raiding, Dungeons, and Questing etc. Proceed.

And i understand you have like hours sunked into the character, fine, but wasn’t the transfer free if you don’t want to waste your hours or something?

Welcome to World PvP, it’s always been unfair.

Then what else would you call it?

Cause right now, the “excuse” still looks just like that, PvP on a PvP Server. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wonder how ironic it would be if Blizzard gave you game time and said “Now keep playing on that PvP Server you hate to do for some reason even though you love pvp.” :face_with_hand_over_mouth: