Where is everyone?

Hello All. Back from a 5 year break. Is Turalyon dead now? Where is everyone? Im only finding one or two actual raiding guilds. None for the time slots I need. Wondering if I should fork out the money to move all my alts to a higher pop server. Even trade chat is dead.

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A lot of the larger guilds xferred off during shadowlands, but there are still quite a few AOTC focused guilds on the server.

I’m sorry that we don’t fit your needed raiding schedule.

We try to be as inclusive as possible but it’s hard when we don’t get any kind of responses from members even when we directly ask them things.

If you post your needed days/times I’m sure there is a guild on-server that will suit your needs; Unless it’s in the very early morning hours or something similar.

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I have an alt on this server and it’s absurdly desolate here. Blizzard could fix this by connecting realms to Turalyon but they apparently aren’t interested.
I mostly play on Horde on Dunemaul and Alliance on Turalyon is… depressing.

extremely…considering how active it once was to what it is now, made/makes trying to pull ppl here almost impossible

I have been away when Mis tof Pandaria was active and now returned . I see a few people in the cities but I have yet to see any player from Turalyon active in the cities. I applied to be apart of a bunch guilds using the guild finder and so far all of them are pending .
Things apear to be much different now. I used remember people used to chat in genral chat int he cities so far I have to see any type of conversations in either genral or trade chat.

I miss the old days when it was more socially vibrant .
I am thinking of trying out another server

I would suggest checking on the log in screen- shop-services to see if your realm qualifies for free transfer maybe?

The problem with the guild finder is it is very restrictive, you can invite, decline or whisper. As a GM I like to chat with the player before inviting to the guild to make sure we are a good fit. I have had a number of players apply but they are never on to chat with. I have my officers also try to reach them. I have even sent ingame mail but never hear back.

I hope you find a guild soon. Good luck.

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I have decide to call it quits and not going to renew after the remaining day sof my 30 day subscription ends . WoW isn’t for me anymore. I guess I am kinda expecting the social aspect of the game of how it was when I last played since MoP.

Majority of socialness now is within guild discords and not in the game itself too. Since the game has become so seasonal, people go and play other games while waiting for the next season and stay connected elsewhere. They need to hurry up the cross realm guild ability. Servers need to stop mattering.

Servers def need to stop mattering.
Esp with one as small as ours.
Very difficult to get someone to cross over here.