Where in the world is Lady Jaina?

I haven’t seen her anywhere. I hate it when they just relegate her to a side boss role in a minor instance. She’s a main driving force of Wow and the true heart of the Alliance. They BETTER not kill her off either. By the way did she ever get revenge for Theramore?

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She(like the rest of the leaders) are presumably leading their people while we deal with the Incarnates.

Well Garrosh is gone and his spirit is obliterated so she can at least take some comfort in that.


Running Kul Tiras, I assume. That should be a full-time job.

She tried to drown Orgrimmar as revenge for Theramore, but Kalecgos talked her out of it.


She’s busy dealing with pirates, apparently. As per the new Wrathion short story.

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dragonflight is neutral expansion, there are no faction specific characters involved

Except tyrande+malfurion i guess


Thought I had seen it all but somehow there are people out there thinking that what the story is missing right now is more Jaina Proudmoore


Jaina and Sylvanas have had the exact same screentime in the last two expansions but they only have Sylvanas oversaturation fever.


Presumably, she’s busy being Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, which is a far bigger job than ruling Theramore.


In the Eternal Vow short story, Taila explains to Kalecgos, “‘Lady Jaina wanted so much to be here, but her hands are rather full. We’re having some trouble with . . . pirates.’” So, she’s just doing normal Lord Admiral Type stuff.


Probably helps that Sylvanas’ story was just bad the whole way through while Jaina was more basic.


I don’t think I’d call Jaina “basic” her story in Thros and reclaiming Kul Tiras was probably one of the best stories of the entire franchise. She was meh in Shadowlands though.

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I don’t really consider it a non-standard story, no matter how well told it was.

why is that? sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean.

Best way to put it would be that it wasn’t really unexpected what they intended for the story, since it was pretty much spelled out with the Warbringers. There wasn’t really a point where I wasn’t sure of where the story would go.


You mean with confronting Daelin’s memory?

yeah, essentially.

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She was THE main character of the Alliance side in BFA and also tagged along to be a prominent ally in Shadowlands. It’s ok for characters to take a break from being in the main narrative. Look at Khadgar, he was away from the spotlight for two expansions before coming back.
Same for Wrathion.


Must be some strong pirates. Little miss “ima drop a tidal wave on this populated city” can’t just chaos dunk their ships into the ocean and call it good?


killin blood elves

Maybe she’s dating one, now that would be a good enemies to lovers trope. The Lord Admiral and the Pirate Queen.