Where do horde have to go for a moonwell?

I just realized when I do it, it’s always in darn or SW, what do the horde tailors have to do?

I would tell you, but then I’d have to start watching my back when I go to craft my mooncloth.


felfarren river ashenvale


So there isn’t like one in TB?

Nope unfortunately :frowning: Luckily it’s not too far from Org, though.

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There are tons of them on Kalimdor, I usually make it wherever it’s convenient. Moonglade, Silithus, Ashenvale etc.

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I go to the one in Duskwood, not a hard trip just takes a lot of zug-zug on the way there

Ashenvale, Feralas, Silithus, and actually the corrupted moonwell in Felwood works. There are a couple more I’m forgetting I’m sure… but the suck part is I don’t think there are any on the Eastern continent. And I have 5 moonclothiers that create on cooldown, so sometimes it sucks.

If you want the absolute closest one to a flight path it’s Silithus.

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There’s one in Ashenvale nearby, but I kinda do a druid dance and teleport to Moonglade. We get two there! So if you make a alt just for a mooncloth cd def go for Druid.

Plus Moonglade is very comfy and relaxing. You can double up and fish late at night for Nightfin.


For Horde, I do Tailoring on my druid. So I just hearth to Moonglade.

But Yourmother (above) lists all the others for Horde.

The Ashenvale one is close to the border of BARRENS (oops!), so is probably the easiest to get to at low levels. It’s just half a minute from the Horde camp at the border. I’m not sure which flight path it is closest to: Splintertree Post or Crossroads. Probably Splintertree.

The Silithus one is the closest to a flight path, but it’s hard to get there your first time, unless you’re a high level.

No longer works.

Slight adjustment: Barrens, not Badlands.

Actual post content: It’s closer to Splintertree.

Is always my first thought :woman_shrugging:

But they’re the sneaky type.

I started making mooncloth on 2 alts when they reached 35. Because of aggro risk I make them in Moonglade. Still occasionally get ganked by alliance, but it’s just a short, but relatively safe walk.

When I had tailoring on my mage I’d use the one right outside DIre Maul. Convenient since I’d be there to farm anyway

Since when? I’m sure I used it recently. New change?

It was broken before Classic released, apparently.

I’ve tried it and read reports from others who’ve tried it. Perhaps you’re somehow the exception.

I used it on my 60 undead mage and I’ve used it on this one (only a couple of times on this one, of course.) In fact, I’ve used both; in Jadenar and the Ruins of Constellas. Quite positive they work.

So, one of us is wrong.