Where do horde have to go for a moonwell?

… that is true.

I did it last week.

I guess I’m a bad tailor.

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I just now used the one in Silithus at Cenarion Hold to make my mooncloth

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I used to make all mine at a pool near splintertree. You follow the road south west then go below the bridge. This is the closest one to org. If you’re a druid, you can port to the moonglade. Another option is cenarion hold, which you might prefer to use once you bind your stone there or raid AQ 20/40. If you’re going there anyway, you may as well use their pool.

I’ve read that there’s a moonwell in Feralas, near Dire Maul. Is there? Where is it? Is it inside Dire Maul?

My hunter is starting to play Feralas at 43, so could use it if I could find it. Thanks.

Isn’t there one in the northern mountains of eastern plague lands? I remember there being an elven house there too. Is it possible to get up there in classic? I think I had to wall jump there, but I can’t remember.

I usually port to Thunder bluff then fly to silithus and use the one right next the flight path, there is one is ashen vale as well but that is away from a flight path and requires a bit of a ride

Ashenvale. There’s a moonwell a minute away from Splintertree. Go east on the main road. Once you cross the bridge at the first river you encounter, immediately head south and the moonwell is right there.