Where are the solo shuff fixes?

OK… I mean if I cared what you think…I GUESS id be hurt?

Those aren’t my stats… have no idea what you are looking at.

You got that right tho… Yea its pretty bad… Ive been playing with a IRL Warrior friend that is still learning the class. I just like playing with him even though its not a great comp and we dont do all that well.

So, you think blizzard expects me to keep playing the game and I am only allowed to stop if the reason is one they Green light…

Interesting… please, report me… Id like to know if this is indeed the case.

I don’t know if English is your second language or not, but can you repeat this in a way in which I can understand it?

Is it your belief that I am only allowed to hit alt + F4 under circumstances that blizzard approves of… and if they do not approve, they should ban me ?

Its really simple… i can shut my game of any dang time I want to… And blizzard is not going to ban me for it.

ima keep it 100

Judging by your cr you leave A LOT

Why do you continue to Q if you don’t have fun and leave all the time

Just play another game lol

Now here you go with more BS…

I dont leave all the time… In fact, I bet I have only actually left maybe 4 games… total.

And, I do have fun…

Why not just play the game then instead of fighting on the forums all day lol

If you enjoy the game, just q

Well, I have two monitors… One has the game on it… and the other has a youtube video and the forums up while I wait.

Maybe focus on the game so you can get better?

Yes they will.

You are agreeing to the play the game on THEIR conditions, not YOURS. They created the game, not you.

You can turn the game off at any point in time you want, just face the punishment. Plain and simple, it’s in the conduct.

Ok bro… lol

he does face the punishment tho

the punishment for leaving shuffle is a cr loss and a debuff

that is the punishment and he takes it whether he wants to or not

anything else is just u making stuff up for no reason lmao

Correct… it isn’t like I am arguing for no punishment or even no increase in the punishment


Do I need to read it out for you?

sure you can read it to me all u want

while ur at it read me the part where it says that it is a solo shuffle punishment

however when u cant do it let me know and ill quote blizzard saying what the actual punishment is

You post this as if it means something… I will assume you are categorizing leaving the game mid match as “throwing”

It is not… Throwing would be INTENTIONALLY playing bad or in a way to cause your team to lose. Or perhaps every time you play with one specific person throwing only that match… and winning all the rest…

If I was on the forums saying… " Every time I am on a DH’s team in RSS, I make sure we lose, then I make sure to win when he is on the other team"

Then you would be right… That would be an infraction.

They should definitely focus on making the game fun through balancing rather than how hard can they spank leavers. Leavers still gonna leave. They like red palm prints on their ace cheeks.

Poor little aggrieved cry baby: grow some gumption. The world is not a friendly place, you are not prepared.

you’re the one that cannot call out what you want to be done or any communication, then get mad when no one can read your mind.

Code has been there the whole time and hasn’t changed. Still think I’m making things up?