Hi Everyone You’re Most Beloved Legend is Back! Deathstrikee

I have a ud Rogue name darthjarjar kromcrush 60 leading a raiding Guild Panty Ninjas.

Also a Dwarf Priest Deathstrikee almost 60 on faerlina I’m in Swifty Guild sovereign

Wanted to say Hi to all my [A] Legendary League and on Horde Shadow & Dust old clanmates.

I’m going to pvp with Swifty when pvp comes out & on both characters. Stop by say hi anytime.

Oh wow, I remember you. Your Encyclopedia Dramatica page still exists, I had some good laughs back in the day because of you, I hope you’re doing better and I hope you get those asian twins some day.

Did you ever have a troll rogue?

Likewise Littlebug took about 8 years off. Paradox guild is a barren wasteland. I think someone’s alt logs in once a week for all of 5 minutes. This is my first week in BforA. Hit me up if you want to introduce me to Mythics or entry level raids. Low level of commitment now because I know Shadowlands is coming.

Hope you old folks all are doing well.
Funny story, I actually ran into an old Draenor TBC 3s partner in a WoW Classic AV.

Ghost, the NE Shadow Priest–if you ever read this–you’re the reason I made a priest in WoW Classic. Holysh!t I still remember you terrorizing TB.

Well this thread was a nice trip down memory lane. Lots of names I had forgotten but clearly remember after seeing them posted in here. My original Escapehatch is just named Escape now, and got switched to a Zandalari, but he’s still on Draenor after all these years.

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Damn, just saw this thread while checking on a name from back in the day.

October 2022 and still on Draenor.


Holy Paladin Redeemus here Now a Prervation evoker lol