Jesus, just came back from an 8 year hiatus, and these forums are DEAD.

Where's all the old Draenor folks at?

Surely there must be one or two of you left D:
I just came back today. Thought I'd check out if there's still any old Draenor peeps hangin' around. Guess not.

- Mire (Human Warlock, Evolve)
I came back for Legion as well!
-The rogue formerly known as Bibari


havent seen too many old school folks around, im still here, had a different name back then(roaken the noob shaman) though good times, OMFG days were some of my favorite times in this game.
I don't recall any of the names posted, but I'm from Vanilla. Wonder if any of my old guild mates still play this game.

My main was Nakial - NE Priest
im still here from vanilla
Vanilla player here....all I have to say is Draenor#1.
10/08/2016 02:09 PMPosted by Crispercake
Vanilla player here....all I have to say is Draenor#1.

That was my first guild ever back in the day, switched horde pretty quick but my time in it was really fun.
I hate this game.
I've been kind of waiting for someone to recognize this name and be like "oh perse you still play?"

I don't know, I remember her though. I liked her
oh hai gais
Paging Tourache...
10/11/2016 10:44 AMPosted by Onesia
I hate this game.

Old Farts...

12 years on this server.
Anyone know what happened to the Royal guard, or Morning glory dew? Were popular during wotlk and cata.
Sameji is a dude.
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I miss getting roflstomped by Feldoth & co. in WSG. Those were glory days, friends.
Oh hai
Back after long hiatus . Looking for a guild that likes raids , keystone mythics. Hook a brother up !