Where are the Devs? Lack of discussion

Read the CoC. Blizzard are open with the fact that they do not want you creating threads seeking a response from them (Outside the customer support and adjacent areas of course). They probably have internal policies on all this stuff.

Eh, more so what I’m saying is that it’s almost impossible to get everyone on the same page for this to happen. Remember how long the locked Covenant shenanegans went on? The masses are just rarely on the same page.

Sometimes it even feels like a total diceroll depending on which dev/decision maker reads feedback lol

I can also appreciate that certain choices are not universally obvious. Letting LFR raiders have the mount could provide its own troubles. With the announcement that the cat was supposed to be exclusive to normal difficulty and up, they could just as easily get equal blowback in the opposite direction—people complaining that the cat is supposed to be a reward for high-tier raiders.

I imagine it’s not easy being in a dev position. However, I’d at least like them to experiment somewhat with feedback (either in implementing it or at least entertaining it). I feel like one of the few issues that the entire WoW community agrees on is that Blizz has often been slow to hear out players. Even if they disagree with a proposed change made by a chunk of the community, I at least wish they’d respond in some manner of sorts. Like, if they explained that the cat is basically just “one last hurrah” for serious raiders, I’d definitely disagree with the sentiment. But at least I’d know what their position on it was. It almost feels worse for it to seem as though they never put any thought into it at all compared to if they did and just disagreed with my philosophy. I especially feel this way after being slow to BfA and Shadowlands and having them remove some of those xpac’s content mid-expansion. Even a passing note on the rationale they had behind certain dev decisions I disliked would feel at least somewhat reassuring.

Blizzard once again says they want to change and listen to player feedback and then continues to ignore player feedback? Say it ain’t so!

you know that listening to player feedback doesn’t mean they have to do everything players suggest, right?

Exactly, Community council was promoted as a space for those players to provide feedback and also encourage discussion, the video even mention live chats not something like a Q&A that’s only question and answer, then next question. Devs could provide their ideas about something, they actually did for some threads but it was a minimal interaction.

A player could suggest something but maybe what that player expected is something different or the Dev could do something even better. also sometimes the idea suggested is bad for several reason.

Devs could use that space to provide more insight on some decisions around feedback.
For example:

Nimox comments about hunters pets and that Dev talked again on the same thread

“Thanks for the feedback/discussion post!”, “I appreciate the replies here and discussion in other places.”

Some devs could jump into other threads and bring that kind of insight .

Players communicate their desires but what they do in the game. The development team can collect statistics to see what people are actually doing. The advantage is that they see what all the players are doing, not just the vocal players who use the forums.

Except this isn’t the case - LFR is included as a fated raid in the blog post they put up 2 days ago:


Each week, one raid will be marked as Fated. You may enter a Fated raid in any difficulty (Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic or Mythic)."

*italics are mine

So if they’re making it a Fated raid they should also put a reward in it like the other ones are getting. And since the achievements (which are in the live game, not just PTR) for each individual raid say any difficulty and Blizz considers Raid Finder one of said difficulties, excluding the mount from LFR makes no sense.

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Hopefully they are working :laughing:

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The Community Council was a PR stunt, they dont care for us at all, at the end of the day its how they feel, not how we feel

You are all wrong like omg they have been actively responding to feedback look at alpha for dragonflight and go to blue or blizzard tracker section they have been proactive (not always but decent enough) to prove they are changing their ways and behavior in terms of how they approach towards the player base.

That’s certainly true to an extent. But I think the vocal element of social media is also incredibly useful in giving feedback. If people refuse to play a certain type of content, there’s no way for Blizzard to know the reasoning. For all they know, it could be because people just don’t like that content. Or it could be because that content just wasn’t implemented properly. There’s also been numerous things that were added to the game solely because of social media. There’s no in-game metric by which Blizz could’ve decided to add High Elf customizations to the game–I’m pretty sure void elves were already popular before that. I guess what I should’ve said originally instead is “I just don’t know any other way the players could directly communicate about their desires.”

That’s current content, the lack of responses to the community council that bring different topics not only the next expansion has been ignored for months, Devs said during video “regular livechats” still waiting on those, just check the council forums and you’ll notice the amount of threads and some with a lot of comments between members about common topics around the forums which are not related to the next content.

Obviously DF alpha and ptr for the next patch will receive attention but there’s a lot of feedback for the overall game in all the forums being ignored and CC forums was created as a tool to check feedback and start discussions with Devs.

They can’t respond to everything and just because they are not responding DOESNT make them ignoring any possible feedback. Also, they have rules to follow on how they approach with the community council forums. And plus some of the threads won’t lead to anywhere useful. Otherwise it’s a waste of development time when dragonflight is releasing this year.

Gonna disagree with this.

This, on the other hand, I think is spot-on.

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Okay bet… Go to the DH forum and look at all the solutions to improve the class, then go to the community council and find me one shred of response regarding it, especially after their response here:

Go ahead… Ill wait.

There was a 1,200-post thread from beta testers in BfA beta about bear tanks that got zero blue posts.

Ignoring player feedback isn’t new.

Well, they decided this new approach…Devs should be doing a bi weekly, even a monthly meeting to discuss some topics and do those live chats or comment some post there.

Clear example was the 500 mount achievement, this was mentioned since the CC forums was created but address until now during alpha and an interview with MrGM, then during the alpha build a “place holder” the yeti was introduce, there was a clear dissapointment from the community, Devs responded to that feedback but instead of also checking and analyzing the feedback, Devs decided to change the mount in the next alpha build, at least for me, that’s just a lazy approach, instead of asking the council collectors about opinions.

they still have months to check all that data and change it, not just 1 alpha build to another.

The community council isn’t representative of the WoW playerbase, though. It CAN’T be, with how small it is.

Thank god Blizzard isn’t going to them for opinions.

Believe what you will but the community council isn’t a PR move the developers were active during 9.2 PTR and on CC forums and stuff. But hey if you think somehow they didn’t change who they are than so be it believe that I won’t try to even convince you otherwise. And plus their actions already says otherwise they are being communicative and being proactive.