Where are the arena titles/mounts?

Blizz has decided to not award the glad mounts this season because they feel it would invalidate the rewards earned in 2007, you will receive a moonkin plushie in the mail instead please provide social security number


blizzard pls respond…

don’t worry!! kaivax just announced nerfs to the retail raid… surely he’ll drop in here soon!!!


My dad owns blizzard. He said buy xbox game pass for titles or you don’t get them.

@Kaivax uhhhhhh

We should start placing bets on when blizzard will make a formal response or announcement

they did we have to wait two more weeks at most :smiley:

2 weeks and no any Notice, there are no title and no mount, Blizzard should give us an official explanation.

Waitful Gladiator


The “Official” response was essentially ‘idk’ paired with an uncited claim.


kinda ridiculous that there’s still nothing said about this!

Yea , We’ve been waiting all day for a reply, whether for technical or other reasons. Blizzard have to say something .


Yes. We expect this round of rewards to go out to recipients following the weekly reset next week.

But players don’t tend to miss them, because the 24 hours starts when the recipient comes online. If you’re receiving a mount and you’re out of town until June, you can log in when you return and that’s when the 24-hour timer begins.

Congratulations to those receiving awards!


Why couldn’t it be communicated sooner when the rewards would be distributed. pretty horrible at keeping us up to date. omegacringe


Thanks for the reply.

Thank you for the communication.

Thank you for the response! Good to know what is happening with rewards.

thank you for clarifying both points!

i wish this had been communicated 2 weeks ago, but it’s definitely better than not getting any reply


Dang, 1 more week double rogues/RMs :frowning:

Mind-boggling level of incompetence. 3 seasons to work on this and somehow it got progressively worse over time.