Where are the arena titles/mounts?

In the tiny chance this isn’t a parody of the meme angry players in this thread I’m going to make a response.

The sale was only approved by shareholders a few weeks ago. The sale will not go into effect until at least Q2 of 2023, a year from now.

Is it safe to leave the teams that we’re getting titles for or must we stay on them until the titles are handed out? I want to play 2s with some friends but I’m afraid of dropping the team and risking losing the end-of-season reward. What’s everyone else doing?

But… what if I have sooooo many friends and I get tons of love lettters…letters… yea! (:

Better not. In past blueposts back in TBC/WOTLK/CATA where arena team still exists , they always suggest people not to leave their teams or transfer realms before they receive seasonal rewards.

Can you just give out the rewards this week, people do not want to leave / swap their arena teams they are waiting on rewards from because the chance it bugs out and we get nothing from our team, think everyone was expecting them this Tuesday, but a day late isn’t so bad!

bro these forums are on fire and this is the thread you respond to?

blizz really does only cater to the arena players.

What’s the reasons behind a limited 24h mail instead of the usual 30 days?


The Dragon needs to eat and drink. I think 24hours is the longest they could go without any of it before dying!

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When are you guys going to add collections from classic to retail?

hopefully never

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