Where are the arena titles/mounts?

what the hell?

Blizzard carefully trying to figure out why Killawave starts every game in combat, Sit tight folks.


Incoming 15 dollar McDonald’s gift card instead.

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Hey buddy you better watch it or they’ll give your end of season rewards to the Water Elemental instead.

We all know they’re the real MVPs.

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RR is only b tier, very complex

still no acknowledgement of this issue!! what the heck!!!

LF Kaivax , gone again. Last time meseed up the AP calculation , this time my Challenger title.

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Don’t worry, they have an intern looking into it… probably… maybe…

KEKW so true

Don’t worry the titles will go out in another month or so when the season was actually supposed to end.


They’re too busy shoving wrath down our throats to care about our s3 rewards. They probably forgot today was the day they were supposed to give them out.

They better be dealing on banning those win-traders or TOS violators , otherwise it’s another messing up on easy things.

As long as Esfand does not get the title I’m cool, Watching Graycen carry him for 3 seasons and barely get it by 1 point wasn’t the Hollywood ending I was hoping for.


Yeah sickening honestly.

Blizzard please at least give us a response to let us know you’re aware of the issue :frowning:

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Not as bad as Snutz carrying Payo then still having to do a +100 boost without him lol

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LMAO this thread is amazing.

plz blizz i couldnt sleep last night so excited for rival title halp plz

@blizzard please give me mount, make my Make-A-Wish-Foundation wish come true

One silent shattrah

Letter emerges from the sky

My drake has come

Open letter carefully

gReAt DeAls aT g3g 50% diScoUnt