Where are all the world quests?

The game forced me to login every day, because you know I couldn’t control my ocd issues :crazy_face: Then one day I looked in the mirror, and realized it was me, myself, and I that was forcing me to login to do every single wq in each zone :popcorn: Chores something, something, etc( treat anything like a chore, it becomes one). I wish it was that boogeyman that was twisting my arm making me login every day to do stuff I didn’t like, but yep that boogeyman was me lol.

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ATM … yes.
The folks I play with don’t do a lot of WoW anymore. We log on maybe once a week nowadays. Might change depending on how engaging the 10.0.7 update is.
Right now we only do WQ with the reputation that we want or gear we can use.
Everything else is … bleh.
I will usually switch to another toon and do the same: look for rep and gear then log off.

blizzard was going to make world quests daily reset but the whiny kids on the forums got them to stop the change…



Odd that you claimed my message was word salad but then demonstarted that you knew exactly what I said.

I have a hard time believing this.

Almost everybody understands that the forums are not the majority of the entire playerbase.
Why would they cater the entire game to a small % of the players?

there was the thread where they posted they would do the change and then like 1500 posts later they decided to not do it.

and whats funny is they were going to do the change based on feedback that people want daily reset



They absolutely did create too many chores.

But there is such a thing as too little.

Blizzard has a tendency to not only Reconsider their position but to completely run in the opposite direction way too far.

In their defense it is very difficult to find a medium ground when people are so highly emotional and exaggerate about their opinion

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Why Blizzard thinks this is fun and keeps doing it I will never know.

with loot that doesnt consider your spec, i killed many rares in DF and i usually get leather no plate

Those are different groups making different complaints.

What’s funny is the people who like world quests, complain that blizzard’s word means nothing, but are complaining that they didn’t go back on their word about removing the daily checklist in DF.

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notice how i was able to bring it down to 4 words? not that it has any relevance on the topic.

I am fine with it, I’d like it to be weekly and to give me all of the gold I get from doing it 2x a week! In one go. And if it could take 30 seconds less per quest, that’s even better.

For OP, just make that quest repeatable. So they can keep doing it endlessly until its no longer exciting for them, I guess. Or something like that.

I don’t see a note where you only used four words. And even if you did, so what?

There are like 2 maybe 3 wq’s in each zone. Guessing one or two are weekly wq’s. But yeah, outdoor content is very lackluster in DF. Dragon gliding, and the profession revamp are supposed to be the highlight of open world stuff in DF I guess. Total fail compared to Mop, Legion, and even BFA when it comes to open world gameplay. The so-called invasions are just boring mob grinds. But there is grinding mobs for rings to show Wrathion, and the other dragon (whatever its name is) how much you like them lol.


Yea but these people are all like “i dont want to do WQs so make it so no one else can”. And btw what wq reward are you feeling forced to get, rep? im sure most are at max now. Gear? No because you people are only doing mythic + and dont need any crappy wq gear. Gold? who would even complain about gold…


cause some people think a 200g or 35 anima quest is required and complained it was daily reset and they HAD to do it or else they would fall very very far behind

I just can’t wrap my head around the mindset that some people have where they feel a compulsion to complete every single daily world quest, just because it’s available.

I’ve seen a large number of the same people express appreciation, as if they couldn’t have just ignored all of the world quests to begin with. At least then, those who enjoy the content wouldn’t have to wait days so that some folks can sleep well at night or something.

There’s nothing difficult, nor traumatic, about skipping a repeatable daily quest.




If anyone wants to complain right now, Exile’s Reach is a good topic because that has things worth criticizing. The way the ring is designed being one. Something else is the vault filling your inventory bags incredibly fast; vault should have either a loot crate/separate 40-slot bag to keep usable items, have an entirely separate inventory system, or reduce the number of vault items down a bit. There’s also the rare spawns that some find unsoloable. All of these can be improved in some way.

More to the topic, world quests are okay as supplementary content but the mistake WoW made with them was giving them too much gravitas. Making people do them also felt like busy work in worse ways than dailies did.

The weekly/semi-weekly approach in DF isn’t bad because you’re not in a rush to complete everything. And even if you are, it becomes something you can tick off your checklist so you can move on to other things. Now if you want to talk about how the lack of infinite world quests affects things like rep grinds, that is a discussion than can be had (though I’d suggest bringing the champion system from MoP back and let people get extra rep/renown through dungeons).

Too much to do, complain.
Listen to feedback and dial it down, still complain.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

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why are you bored?

you’re not even close to Loremaster, you haven’t unlocked the Waygates, you don’t seem to be doing a whole lot for Wrathion or Sabellian, you haven’t done any hunts, or… pretty much anything to do with any current content.

It looks like you just leveled, and then decided to go do something else.

(which is perfectly fine, but it seems pointless to claim you’re “bored”, when you choose to not participate in the activities which will advance the progress which you seem to want?)