Where are all the world quests?

Didn’t you need 1000 anima for the weekly renown point to advance the campaign and unlock covenant rows and soulbinds?

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I don’t know if you had to do WQs every day to get 1000 anima though; I didn’t play SL until around the time Korthia came out, and by then, getting the weekly 1000 anima was easy

I kinda happen to agree. I didn’t start dragonflight till beginning of feb. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been doing old content because I’ve been bored. I don’t have a guild, or friends to do m+ with. I don’t like to pvp. PvE content is basically the zone events, a handful of world quests and dailies, and flying around killing random rares.

I love drake riding, but it makes it difficult to efficiently farm nodes. I’d rather have normal flying for that. So I don’t even bother farming most of the time.

And also because I started later, my renown is lower, so I haven’t completed or completely caught up on the campaign. So I don’t even have that to work on until my rep is higher.

I agree and now we see people complaining “Where are the world quests”.

This pretty much proves a point I’ve been pushing for quite some time that opinions in forums, often backed up by CCs like Bueller, Preach and others, are not an indication of how people feel, they are mostly a place where people come to complain about something they don’t personally like.

When ever someone says:

  • “The players don’t like [feature x] so …” – it should be –
  • “Some players don’t like [feature x] so …”
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Wait. Do you only play wow for world quests?

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I really don’t know why more of these people who are like ‘I have nothing to do in DF’ don’t just make alts. If you want more stuff to grind for, make another character. You’re paying for all 13 classes yet you’re only playing 1. I have like 7 characters at max level and have never felt a lack of things to do.

If you wanna do nothing but WQs every day, just make an alt farm and do WQs all day.

Complaining that there’s no world quests and you’ve run out of things to do is like going to a huge feast and complaining there’s nothing to eat because you ate all the cheese squares already.


In the Preach interview Ion said that different players play WoW for many different reasons including quests, dungeons, Mythic+, Raids, professions, PvP and so forth.

So yes while some come for Mythic+ or Raids, others come for other reasons. In fact there seems to be a concensus in the forums that Mythic+ and/or Raids are the major reason why people play but this thread pretty much disproves that as to many others which talk about how people are interested in other parts of the game.


That was some word salad.

Are you the op on a different character?

Was there a point deeper than “people do different things”?

It’s amusing the responses I knew many people who logged in daily at reset why to do wq’s why cause they liked them. No one was forced to do crap the only world thing you had to do was belt legendary. Anima issues went away quickly should it of been that easy at the start ya but it’s not like you had to do world content for anima it dropped everywhere. Then came all the whining I got to much anima.

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Went through some profiles in this thread and noticed some of the people complaining about the lack of wq dont have the DF Loremaster. Meaning they’re likely missing a couple of wqs because they require doing specific quests to unlock on a character specific basis. Also, tons of regular questing left on the board, the sojourner achieves are pretty time consuming.

On top of whatever the new area getting added today brings.

Are you a dev or something? The idea that the only possible way of creating an “alt friendly expac” is to give players the opposite of what many of them were specifically asking for makes you sound like someone who has never played alts, doesn’t understand how and why people who do play, and doesn’t want to know.

Hint: the raid loggers who were asking for all casual content to be removed weren’t actually the same people as the ones who used to play hours daily, but were disappointed to find there is no reason to log in most days.


That’s how I spent the majority of BFA, though I didn’t play much of SL and haven’t bought DF. I liked the variety of things to do in the evenings since M+, raiding, and PVP aren’t something that I enjoy.

Even then, I didn’t bother trying to do all of them. A number of world quests had rewards that weren’t even worth the couple of minutes it took to do them. To me it was content, not chores like it is for some folks. :man_shrugging:

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The game forced me to login every day, because you know I couldn’t control my ocd issues :crazy_face: Then one day I looked in the mirror, and realized it was me, myself, and I that was forcing me to login to do every single wq in each zone :popcorn: Chores something, something, etc( treat anything like a chore, it becomes one). I wish it was that boogeyman that was twisting my arm making me login every day to do stuff I didn’t like, but yep that boogeyman was me lol.

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ATM … yes.
The folks I play with don’t do a lot of WoW anymore. We log on maybe once a week nowadays. Might change depending on how engaging the 10.0.7 update is.
Right now we only do WQ with the reputation that we want or gear we can use.
Everything else is … bleh.
I will usually switch to another toon and do the same: look for rep and gear then log off.

blizzard was going to make world quests daily reset but the whiny kids on the forums got them to stop the change…



Odd that you claimed my message was word salad but then demonstarted that you knew exactly what I said.

I have a hard time believing this.

Almost everybody understands that the forums are not the majority of the entire playerbase.
Why would they cater the entire game to a small % of the players?

there was the thread where they posted they would do the change and then like 1500 posts later they decided to not do it.

and whats funny is they were going to do the change based on feedback that people want daily reset



They absolutely did create too many chores.

But there is such a thing as too little.

Blizzard has a tendency to not only Reconsider their position but to completely run in the opposite direction way too far.

In their defense it is very difficult to find a medium ground when people are so highly emotional and exaggerate about their opinion

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