Where are all the world quests?

Compared to previous expansions, there is literally nothing on the map.

What kind of game design is 1-2 quests every 24 hours?

Are we playing a mobile game where people play for 20 minutes a day?




People spend years whining that “Blizzard only cares about Monthly Active Users™!” and “they just do this to make us play more to line Kotick’s pockets!” and you’re out here wondering why they pulled back on the spawn timers for WQs? Adorable.


It’s very intentional. A lot of player feedback from those past few expansions was that Blizzard created too many chores for players to do every day. So there’s less of that stuff you have to do in Dragonflight.

There’s still plenty of stuff to do: faction renown, storylines, mounts to farm, the usual PVE and PVP content you’d expect. But less of it is needed for player power.


They reset twice a week. Tuesday reset, and Friday at midnight.

They removed most of them to keep people who don’t like world quests happy.


you can still do hunts, or invasions, or DBK, or farm rares for stuff n things.


Yall wanted alt friendly expac, congrats. now you have nothing to do.


Blame your fellow players, this is what they whined and threw temper tantrums for years for.


Wdym, I have 3 characters, 1 main and 2 alts, there’s still way too much to do in a single reset, if I start playing a 4th or 5th character it becomes a real friggin’ time sink.


I don’t ply alts.
I play one maybe two toons at max. Legit NOTHING to do besides WQs and daily dungeon queue. maybe do keys but meh those are boring now.


I’ll guess it’s possible you aren’t high enough renown, or have not done enough ‘initial quests’ to open a lot of WQs. It was only until I did those things that more WQs showed up on the map.

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There are always the pointless Super Mario “races” and “climbing” events. Those are so much fun!


Need a binky?

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I very much like clearing the map and being done for 3 days.

If you want to do grindy world quests, the ones in SL still give valor for callings and I doubt that you have EVERY one of the cosmetics unlocked.

Good luck!


I also enjoy clearing the map and being done for a few days. Feels good to have an empty quest log and an empty map.


Try every Week.

And you can thank people, the “DoNt wAnT tO bE foRcEd” crowd for this.

Sucks that Blizzard listens to the wrong people who don’t want to play the game and feels “So good for clearing it in a few days and don’t need to feel stressed out” or etc… despite them calling it chores and etc.

Honestly, if i were the game dev and their complaining about so much content being “Chores” and what not, i would just tell them “Were making the content to the people who likes this, and we are gonna stick with that.” That’s what Blizzard should’ve done honestly imo.

Unironically, i thought the climbing events were fun. Not the broken ones tho.


It’s so you don’t feel like you’re forced to log in every day.

It is okay to be done with tasks. It is okay to say “I have everything done in WoW for the week, I will go play something else”.

We tried the model of forcing you to log into the game every day to collect artifact/azerite power and it almost killed the game.


Play an alt. Infinite wqs for you. You can make 2k with races alone. If you do each reset, thats 4k per week. And theres always some gold wq too. Sometimes generous, 1k+ a single wq.


Blizzard could have easily made both sides happy.

Players only felt “forced” to do daily WQ because of currency rewards needed for borrowed power systems.

There are no such systems in DF (yet) so you could still have daily WQ available today and not feel forced to do them.

Voss 4 Warchief


You have to do quests to unlock some of the Dragonscale Expedition WQs, specifically the Pokemon Snap type ones and the rock climbing ones. I didn’t know about those until several weeks into the expansion, because the prereqs aren’t required during the campaign. They’re easy, relatively fun by WQ standards, and they often give a bunch of gold.

If you haven’t unlocked them, doing so will give you several more WQs to do every few days.

In Shadowlands you didn’t really need anima for anything important.