When will you make demon hunter playable again?

www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/33/ since none of you guys look this up on your own I will have to link this in every post from now on

I want to start with I have mained demon hunter since the beginning (legion) going with whatever build was required to do mythic raiding. (was dk 95% of the time before that before it got too complicated, sure it finnaly got off the bottom of charts but at the cost of being very hard to minmax, also being slow never fealt good it was not until later they buffed speed slightly)

when they said they would remove barrowed power for dragonflight my immediate thought was “well we always tickle unless we have barrowed power like corruptions, all other classes scale better with stats we scale better with proc damage because of our machine gun tickle rotation so this is going to be even worse for us”
so we get into dragonflight and it looks like we are going to be “OP” and after just 2 weeks we were nerfed so much we were barely middle of the pack, I did not say a word.

we have continued to fall to the bottom on the raid logs and our talent options and rotations feel horrible, we are now bottom of raid logs besides 4 specs that can choose another dps option. we have always had unwarranted hate long past being good, we still get the 2 button meme when we have like 10 buttons. we have to constantly put our life in danger with momentum with no payoff at the bottom of the charts, our only utility is a magic debuff and a tiny black fart people never see and raid leaders never bother calling for or coordinating because % CHANCE to cut damage is trash when everything else is a reliable save (dk gets a bubble 4 times its size with a reliable cut even)

so devs…how long are you going to ignore us? we gave you another chance for dragonflight but this whole expansion has been a letdown with you forcing essence break and momentum, throwing glaives and all this other trash to be useless at everything. if you have unwarranted hate for us like some of the other player base go ahead and delete the class and give us a free reroll with equal ILVL/tier gear and pick out trinkets. you clearly just introduced the class for hype then wanted to stuff it in a closet and forget it ever since…



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Lets get one thing straight, Borrowed Power hasnt gone anywhere, the Eranog Ring, the Raz Bow, the Crawg Tusk and the new stuff in the raid, all of that, were using. You are absolutely right, we were middle of the pack, we weren’t asking to be King of the Hill, just to be competitive, our class was butchered, pruned, and otherwise shot at the knee caps. “When in doubt nerf Demon Hunter” we’re the friggin meme of “DH OP PLAEZ NURF!”

Cant disagree, we have a dev that has absolutely no clue what to do with us, we have TONS if not THOUSANDS of feedback posts on these forums and on the Discord and what does he do? Lets buff Serrated Glaive, a talent that NO BODY PICKED UP. Rather than listen to our damn feedback, he does a complete 180 and buffs something that no one asked for. Meanwhile Fire Mages are getting more and more buffs, or Paladins getting a complete rework, or evokers GETTING A THIRD ****ING SPEC.

Look one of these days, Sargeras is gonna come back, an bring Illidan with him and there gonna need DHs again, and I’m telling you thats the day were all gonna give a crisp middle finger to the world.


but he did tho? every buff and change to hdh has been directly based on player feedback. we asked for SG to be worth taking it got buffed, we asked for st dam it got buffed, chaos theory bug fixed, tg talents buffed for more prio damage, eyebeam rupts not killing half your kit on pvp? fixed. alot of veng changes were based on player feedback as well. just say what you want to say “i dont like these changes” not us a collective “we” while bashing a guy that works in a team of people

keep in mind that despite being buffed 8 different times, fire mage is still complete dog to play until its rework, paladin as a whole was unplayable due to multiple reasons until its rework, and evoker getting a third spec ultimately means nothing because as soon as aug comes out, devoker and prevoker will be irrelevant and never taken in content again.

this is 100% exaggeration, instead of making 2 threads regarding how “bad havoc is” why didnt you reply to one of the many many many many threads about havoc that are active right now?

www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/33/ since none of you guys look this up on your own I will have to link this in every post from now on

they claimed no barrowed power at the end of shadowlands even if they didn’t stick to it. wonderring why crog tusks are not on our bis list, still cant replace fire ring and gem ring lol even with a fully upgrade with crit in bag it sims lower

It’s not playable? I’ve been playing mine and enjoying it in most content… (well, besides pvp, I just die in pvp).

uhhh what? Crawg Tusks are good for ST, AoE not so much.

www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/33/ since none of you guys look this up on your own I will have to link this in every post from now on

raid is mostly st, maybe its just because m+ bis is for m+ and raid bis is for raid so they didn’t think to compare tusks for raid. there were cracked for dh in the past

I mean for ST they still are, for AoE probably better to have stated weapons

Having no issues playing my DH currently. Could we use a little buff? Sure. Am I going to complain endlessly because I’m not meta? Nope. For 95% of players skill is more important then being the OP buffed class so maybe work on your play and when we do get a buff you’ll be that much better. Or switch classes because clearly this isn’t the one for you anymore.


Dhs not having a third spec when Evoker has got one… Just a middle finger from blizzard towards all dh mains


a 3rd spec is hardly needed for dh. like legit veng and havoc have issues, adding a 3rd to the mix means more work and unsolved issues. keep in mind that augvokers existence will destroy devoker and prevoker as specs

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I think you’re looking at a “bis list” that lists only items that drop from the raid.

I agree we need a buff, but borrowed power is still here. What do you think tier sets are? They are worse than Azerite power; Azerite abilities remained largely static for all of BFA. Tier sets change every tier.

We need our tuning nob cranked up. We need Furious gaze and meta haste cranked up. We need mastery nerfed so versatility can be stacked again. We need momentum and initiative, and unbound chaos deleted entirely. We need our leech doubled.

This is just the start. Having furious gaze give 288% haste in BFA and now having it give 10% in Dragonflight is unacceptable.


why do you willingly want to ostack vers again :confused:

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You clearly don’t remember Azerite abilities correctly because that stuff was all over the place.

Why would you want to willing stack vers? Its such a boring stat that should basically be pvp only. Why delete playstyles that people do enjoy? I agree there should be an alternative for those that don’t like it but it should remain apart of the spec as it has since Legion.

Haste isn’t the issue with havoc but go off I guess

How about you provide some actual helpful feedback instead of just complaining about a playstyle you don’t like and just wanting it deleted? Oh forgot we don’t do that here. We post on anonymous alts and just complain the sky is falling.

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Vers is the least boring stat to stack. It increases felt power the most because it reduces damage taken. This “vers is a boring stat” argument is nothing but cope. Unless you’re fighting with your inventory open, constantly drooling at your mastery numbers then you aren’t noticing it.

And yes, some Azerite powers were terrible. I’m not arguing that. Furious Gaze, however, was fantastic and tuned spectacularly. It gave Havoc the frenetic, intense feel that one would expect from the spec name. High haste gameplay feels fantastic. Don’t believe me? Find someone who complains about Bloodlust.

Havoc is a dps class so why the hell is reducing dmg taken increasing my “felt power”? This is a dumb argument. How about instead they just naturally increase our defenses instead of making us stack a crap stat?

Congratulations on giving one singular example to support your statement about azerite powers. Of course, haste feels good it does for EVERY SINGLE CLASS IN THE GAME.

How about you bring some real suggestions and information instead of your washy feelings?

verse is a worse version of mastery, if your doing it just for the defensive benefit then thats also dumb. because 20% verse = 10% dr which ultimately means nothing.

furious gaze and meta haste basically made haste do nothing until ludicously high amounts. as much as its fun, its not healthy for the spec im glad its gone

www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/33/ since none of you guys look this up on your own I will have to link this in every post from now on

“work on my play” usually top 5 dps, 9/9h 2/9m 2430 in m+. first boss in mythic I am in 14th place with full bis even tho I did not have to take pretty much any circles or beams out, our lock did 230k others were doing 130-180. our ST dps is absolute trash. your move