When will the Horde get better lands

Thrall was a fool to settle the Orcs in Durotar and the Barrens. These lands are bare of any natural resources and not worth defending it. The Horde needs to uproot themselves and go somewhere where it is lush and green. We need to take lands from the alliance and make them Horde. Ashenvale could be the perfect staging ground for a new Horde empire with a capital city that is twice as big as Orgrimmar. Only then can the Horde be proud again. Who will help me to kill the remaining night elves and make the Horde great again?


Can the Horde farm in the forest? So just in case. So that it turns out that the goblins are pouring waste products into the lake from which the pigs drink.
Or, after the massive deforestation for pig farms, desertification did not occur.
Or lack of fertilizer will lead to sudden hunger after years of using fertile soil.

Try talking to the goblins. Bring them a couple of tons of gold and they will follow you even into the Abyss.


Realtalk: They should have stuck the Bilgewaters in Tanaris, where their oil drilling and waste runoff couldn’t damage anything. Instead of Azshara.

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Are you even a high enough level to go into Ashenvale?


Absolutely no one will help you kill the remaining Night Elves. You do not belong in OUR Horde, villain.


Why don’t the Horde just focus on fixing their own lands and maintaining them instead of trying to steal someone else’s?

That Druid Naralek essentially built an oasis within the Barrens even if the results went a little awry and the Cenarion Circle did the same in Desolace of all places, so it stands to reason your Druids and Shaman could come up with a solution to bring water and sustainable vegetation to somewhere like Durotar.

Letting Goblins run amok and ruin the water/strip mine and of course it’s going to all go downhill. Seems to me the Horde really needs an EPA to set some ground rules and stop letting these guys ruin everything they touch in their obsession for short term profit.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the last two times the Horde went to war over resources that didn’t really belong to them they LOST and both times they lost their Warchief as well.

Maybe it’s time to try a different approach hmm?


Honestly, I don’t buy the whole “Horde lands are ill-suited for Agricultural production”. Civilizations throughout history have popped up in seemingly unforgiving places, yet they produced enough food to maintain rather large populations. I think this is due to a lack of understanding when it comes to agricultural development, people just assume Hot and dry = no food.

Even in places as desolate as the Sahara desert, agriculture is possible. Mostly animal pastoral production, which is more than just meat. That is cheese, milk, eggs… Honey if you are a bee keeper. But beyond pastoral production, there is some crop development in the form of figs, thyme, edible palms… You would be surprised how much you can grow from so little.

Horde territory is ecologically similar to the African Savana, at least in the Barrens, which is a huge slab of undeveloped grassland. The African Savanna has significant farming potential for things like Maize, Soybeans. Especially for root plants like Yams and sweet potato. Even without significant agricultural development, the Barrens should be capable of producing rain-fed groundnut and cowpeas.

With Theramore gone, the Horde can move into Dustwallow with ease, and they should. This gives them not only a humble source of lumber, but is also would be a significant source of food. Crops that don’t mind wet soil like Raspberries, rice or Sugarcane, but also Dustwallow would be a hotbed for crab, conch, and other shellfish.

Even if developing the Agriculture in these territories is insufficient, there is plenty of unclaimed territory the Horde can move into and develop. Tanaris, which is capable of supporting Gagetzan and Zul’Farrak, which canonically are not small settlements. Tanaris can be used to develop food similar to the Sahara, as I outlined above.

And perhaps most significant, Un’goro remains completely unsettled. Which I can only imagine that hot rainforest would make great farmland for things like Coffee, Coca, Surgarcane and various veggies.

In summary, the Horde has only ever sought to take resources from their neighbors instead of developing their own lands.


The Horde already has a pretty firm control of the barrens! Maybe they should just secure the very lush, foresty part for agriculture. In the meantime they seem to be doing fine from trade with the Tauren - and now that Highmountain is a part of the Horde they’ve got some great agriculture there too!

Erevien can’t comprehend the idea of cooking for himself

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The Horde has nothing. THe Horde died in Bfa. Without Sylvanas we are nothing. Thrall and Baine accepted the Alliance as their overlords. If we want to make the Horde strong again the council needs to die. Not any time sooner.

We have Sylvanas.


Make the Horde strong again by killing the Horde’s leaders. Pfft. Righto mate.

Thrall for Warchief!


Thrall for death. He is a traitor and needs to be burned alive on a pyre.

He literally built the Horde you love so much

Blood Elves are in the Horde because Thrall allowed them to be

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He is a traitor who bows to the alliance. The faster he dies the better the Horde can recover.

If we’re nothing, she’s the one that made us nothing.

She left. After intentionally trying to destroy us. I’m not sure what benefit you think she was, or would be.

And Sylvanas was an ACTUAL traitor, who bowed to something far worse than the Alliance.

Actually, Durotar is quite rich in minerals, and Thunder Ridge once was lush with trees. Why the Druids never tried regrowing Thunder Ridge is anyone’s guess. A little late now, I suppose.

As to the question the title poses, haven’t they? Most new race seem to have come with better lands.

Blood Elves - Quel’Thalas
Goblins - Azshara
Nightborne - Suramar
Highmountain Tauren - Highmountain
Zandalari - Zul’dazar, Nazmir, and Vol’dun

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Is Erevien the one person who actually covets Stormwind

Erevien, you have disgraced the Horde! You have brought shame to us as a people!

If only there was like

and in-game magic system that helps trees grow and crops flourish

(Tauren, Troll Druids)

and an in-game magic system that allows terraforming and would allow the river to branch into more rivers to help the land sustain itself by collaborating with the elements that the Horde was known for

(Orcs, Tauren, Trolls Shaman)

We’re in a fantasy game for the love of God


The system of death breaking is to our benefit. Just imagine all the old heroes returning to us. We can have all our leaders back this way. Praise the Jailer for his wisdom.

Durotar is a wasteland. It has nothing. Horde lands are useless. We need to take away some alliance lands to make us propser and become rich.

Trash. All of them.

THe oasis in Barrens is full of dangerous beasts. That is not worth the risk. It is easier to take something from the alliance away instead. We need another war were we take everything from the alliance and they just have to accept it.

I am the true Horde patriot. What I say is always for the benefit of the whole Horde.

It is time to attack the alliance and take away what they have. The Alliance deserves to suffer. We will kill all of you.

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