When will the Alliance be humiliated?

No, he attacks her because he wants revenge. He doesn’t give a damn about the Valkyr.

And again, stop trying to give me in-universe reasoning. That is not why people are upset.


That’s projection.

Sylvanas fans have a better grasp on Sylvanas than even some of the writers do. Her writing is inconsistent.

You sound like Thadeus, “you only like her because she’s edgy”


The Devs are going to release a preview tomorrow, and who knows what will happen with Sylvanas?


He knows she is there for a reason and decides to deal with her now before giving her time to put her action into motion.

The two things are not mutually exclusive. He can want to stop her from putting her plans into effect and want his revenge at the same time.

If you are a writer, you need to consider the in-universe motivations of the character.

You just confirmed what I said.

“Stop talking about WHY Sylvanas and Genn did what they did! I don’t care about that! Character motivation means nothing to me!”

Haha… Good one. That’s funny.

That is like 99% of people who like Sylvanas.

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What?! A preview of the book or 9.2?

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9.2. They also tweeted an interesting video with symbols. Zerde made a thread about it.


Im surprised y’all still care about Shadowlands story tbh.

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Sylvanas is the opposite of being a defender of the Horde. She got massive amounts of Horde soldiers killed on purpose. She caused as many casualties as she could, regardless from which side, and sent huge amounts of souls to damnation. She killed Saurfang. That’s a very terrible way to defend the Horde.


When it comes to Stormheim and Sylvanas vs Greymane, you know where I stand on that and how I feel about it. So let’s just agree to disagree and move on okay?

We’re both never going to budge from our positions anyway

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She didn’t though. In the whole Horde Civil War she only killed 29 Dark Rangers. You will see… Loyalists who’ve been pointing that out all this time will be right.

She only killed her own forces…thier deaths empowered her trough the jailer, they knew they would be sacrified.

I just don’t understand why Sylvanas fans want her to be the hero so bad. Like… When has that ever been her character? Literally when? Ever? In her entire history?

Do yall even Windrunner?


What the hell are you talking about? She sent assassins to kill Thrall.


Did she though? She never claimed them.

Why would Sylvanas kill Thrall? What would that even accomplish?

She was a hero to her people, in life and in death.


Anyone with basic pattern recognition could tell that she was up to something because she spent her entire existence in game either being up to something, or doing terrible things as a result of having been up to something.

Genn and Rogers finally deciding that they aren’t going to just wait until she executes her latest scheme before dealing with her was a refreshing break from the standard “stupid Alliance” conduct re: the Forsaken


To send his soul to Zovaal. It’s why he was kidnapped.

And when she was risen, her personality entirely changed. She was never the same. She became cruel and selfish, and she has been that way ever since.

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Eh, I call this speculative at best. Zorvaal was testing them all. Pkus if Sylvanas wanted to kill Thrall he’d be dead rn.

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She saved the Forsaken from the grip of the Scourge. Without her, the Lich King, and thus Zovaal, would have won back then.


It’s just so….vomit inducing that y’all are desperately trying to paint Sylvanas as someone she isn’t