When we do get Accountwide Rep... Will you play Alts more?

This is already in the game for reps from TBC through Legion. I doubt that’s what he was talking about.


True, but not nearly as baffling as “I don’t play Alts because of rep…” lol

Yeah I guess. People are funny about their mains.

But I go back to my point that it really doesn’t matter if an outdated rep is exalted account wide. All that does is let your alts buy recipes or work on paragon chests.


Part of what I think they want to avoid is a scenario where you have 20 alts, every time a valajar emissary pops up, speed run it on all 20, then open 3 paragon boxes from 1 sitting.

I’m not sure what you mean by this scenario.

If they’re worried about an influx of gold, they’ll do what they always do which is nerf the crap out of it.

Look at the reasoning they made the change they did for the love rocket.

This tells me they don’t want an army of alts to be as big of an advantage when it comes to farming.

Absolutely, my main has almost all reputations maxed and if it means I could finally get access to the crafting recipes and other stuff locked behind rep.

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Yes I know the reasoning… the drop rate was 0.01%.

However, it’s still an advantage for every other mount in the game to blast it with an army of alts.

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It’s still an advantage, but I don’t think they want it to be as big of an advantage as it historically has been.

For many it’s not about the rewards, DF has account wide rewards mostly and they are garbage, like you can farm rep on character A and buy the drake manuscripts to use on an alt.

The gear that comes from rep, the recipes, no need to have them on alts really, but for many it’s more about looking at your character rep sheet and seeing it all haphazard, some just prefer it all to be neat which is why they don’t change.

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It will happen regardless. Right now you can buy rep tokens with your TW badges and boost your alts to exalted with all the paragon reps from Legion. BfA TW should be coming out this xpac. Then next xpac it’ll be SL TW.

So no matter which route they take, TW badges or account wide rep, what you don’t want to happen will happen.


Once gold is able to be sent cross realm, and ALL currencies are account wide, then I’ll play more alts. til then I have my two mains.

Yes. For people who are collectors SL is extremely annoying.

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Nope. My Human will remain as the “Reputation Horse” while I enjoy my other characters.

This was account wide though.

But that’s not what we are talking about.

You’re the one that brought up anima and I explained that it’s an annoying feature/currency for collectors.

I am not the one who brought up anima.

So your complaining to me about talking about something we aren’t talking about…but why still talking about that very thing to OP…

I don’t care who brought it up. I was just saying anima is annoying for collectors, and I’m right. Have a good one, Snozy.

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I dont want to play an account progression game. I dont like alts regardless.

Rep in Dragonflight is nearly worthless. That isnt what is holding most people back from playing alts.