When player housing is fully fleshed out, I'm looking forward to

They might do it. Feels like they are really trying to mold the game to keep and attract players. Time will tell.

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Dunno why anyone would suddenly think this is something confirmed and guaranteed

Came out of Ion’s mouth.

Who still uses discord in 2022, grow up.

See how stupid you sound?

I wonder if I can have a hot tub built in my place. :thinking:

I call dibs on Karazhan! Fanciest pad in Azeroth.

A pity that would cost us an entire expansion.

I miss the day when things would cost us only a raid tier.

I’d love to have a house in Boralus or some surrounding area. BfA is probably my favorite place in the game, followed closely by Pandaria. I love the music, the theme, etc. It’s a really pretty area.

My guild would also love to have a guild hall there. Crossing my fingers that they’ll make this happen one day… It looks like they’re considering it heavily at this point for the future and I can’t wait!


Can’t wait for Microsoft to take over and it’ll cost us… nothing I guess?

where did he say this?

You a no friend boomer I see

If they would have started work on it back in WoD, instead of garrisons which isn’t true housing, we could probably have something decent by now.

:roll_eyes: You wanna throw the word copium in there? You might get bingo.

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I’ll settle for a dedicated 1 bedroom chamber in Acherus.

It didn’t.

In one of the interviews he did. I believe it was the one with Hazel. Check it out.

I loved the game Ultima Online and played for many years because they offered a very immersive home building experience. You could buy a manufactured house and place it most anywhere in the game, or you could buy just a plot and place that and design your house from the ground up (literally). Then, they had other crafting functions in the game where you could make furniture for your house, grow plants, collect paintings and other decorative features. Its was very enjoyable and creative. I wish WOW would embrace such a thing.


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I don’t want housing. At least if added, make it totally optional.

Here is the direct quote:

“Player housing is topic that comes up a ton around the team. Tons of support for it across the community and within the team, it’s something many of us would love ourselves. Putting together any of the package of features for an expansion, it’s a mix of what thematically suits the expansion, what’s going to appeal to different types of players, but also what would be required to deliver that feature at the level that players expect and deserve, and what would we have to give up to make that happen… and player housing is a big one. It’s a big project, a big undertaking, and I would argue that if we were to do it, it would probably have to span multiple expansions – it’s a large enough feature just from the art.”

unfortunately, it isn’t something as confirmed as you think. hopefully one day though


i always wanted to live inside one of the giant mushrooms in zangarmarsh. could be multiple levels with a big spiral staircase leading all the way up to a stable or something in the mushroom’s cap