When player housing is fully fleshed out, I'm looking forward to

… and now look at classic. absolutely dead, not a spark of life in it
TBCC a damn near ghost town now even

It was raid logged faster than even current content

If people want player housing, the closest they’re going to get is upgrading their Garrison in WOD and living there

Why do people keep saying this? Ion said it is something they want to do but it is something they need to do right. So it will take more than an expansion to do it properly…as in it will take longer to develop so Dragonflight is too early. I’d be very surprised if housing isn’t in expansion after Dragonflight.


Wouldn’t know, I never touched it.

Did that song and dance once, had no interest in doing it again.

It shouldn’t be that much of an effort to make player housing, they already have a ton of assets in-game. I’m looking forward to making a Draenei light-themed house in my favorite zone of redridge.

Patch 10.2.5, Player housing introduction:

We’re each allowed an empty shack with no furniture for 10 million gold.

Chairs and beds coming sometime in the next next expansion’s first major patch, 11.1

Sincerely, Blizzard

By the time WoW has player housing… the playerbase will be in their 50s

You do understand that a portion of the playerbase is in their 50s, right?

Especially folks who came to WoW from Evercrack.


By the time player housing is released, it will be our WoW retirement homes for a great many of us.

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Then they will be in their 60s/70s … approaching IRL death

Dunno, if they aren’t Zoomers, they still have a good shot at pushing over 100.

There is no valid reason to cater to the little dolly dress up community.

I agree.

Just like there’s no reason to cater to the folks who don’t go play a real player vs. player game, like CS:GO.

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This idiot says when the little dolly dress up community is the main thing keeping this game alive. Transmog system would like to have a word with you.


You should go back and reread what he said. He never confirmed anything about it. He just said it’s something they wanted to do and it wasn’t coming in dragonflight.

So have fun waiting. Heh.

I will, thank you. :joy:

Make sure your new home is fire proof.


No don’t tell them that. Guys hold your breath. Hold it hard and relentlessly until they add a house you can sit around in for no reason.

Unless it’s as robust as housing in SWG, it won’t be worth it.

Kul Tiras for me…I’m a pirate weeaboo…

Theres lots of ways they can do it. Some being:

Eso type where you just put down furniture inside a premade house. Bit like what wod did with garrisons

A genshin impact type where you can build and place items in a plot of land

A runescape type one where you can build your own type of house with different rooms

A minecraft type where you can build any type of houses from scratch

To bad I dont think blizz will ever do it. If they do it won’t be as good as we want it, being he have raised it to high and we have rose tinted glasses on