When player housing is fully fleshed out, I'm looking forward to

Being able to Pick an Ardenweald themed home. The house hopefully being built inside one of those giant grove trees. Maybe have my own grove and a garden of my own.


Player housing and guild housing is something I’ve been waiting for since TBC since LOTRO has had it since launch.


I wouldn’t hold my breath tbh.

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I too am super excited for player housing coming in patch 15.0.


player housing will never happen

go play a game that has a dedicated system for it like… SWTOR or FFXIV

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I would settle for a guild hall at this point, just somewhere for the guildies to hang out at before doing w/e.

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Sorry to randomly intrude, I think you’ve accidently left an extra “.” when referring to the patch :slight_smile:

Hopefully they don’t waste resources on it and never add it to the game.

Sorry to bring shocking news, but Ion confirmed in an interview that player housing is something they WILL do, and a lot of them WANT to do.

They just want to meet everyone’s expectations, and it will be something they do over time, over multiple expansions.



Sorry to bring this shocking news to you, but Ion said very specifically… it was something they were considering but it will absolutely not be within this next expansion cycle.

… so you’re looking at about another 3 years before it is even on the table

it has been “on the table” ever since Everquest 2 launched its player housing system in 2005 shortly after TBC was announced

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Hang out in Discord… its 2022

Found the raid logger / mythic+ runner that wishes they were standalone gamemodes. Go play LoL.


Watch Blizz make player housing spaces NFTs.

Metaverse of Warcraft … $200/month for house plot rent (would be a bargain considering most metaverse housing is over $8,000 USD right now)

People won’t be able to afford a house IRL or in a video game soon lol

I’m also looking forward to player housing with Blizzard polish. I can’t wait to see the themes and gardens they implement.

I’d love to live in Duskwood. Love the creepy vibe from that zone.



This guy gets it!

Then it’ll all get stolen by Lazarus.

You realize player housing is never coming to the game right?

I mean, we thought the same thing about Classic. :man_shrugging:

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Blizzard wasn’t even able to handle fleshing out covenants. You trust them with housing?

Once again, it has been confirmed to be coming. Obviously not in one patch.

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