When is enough actually enough?

Tyza for gamer of the year!

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Those gold sellers and their bots are paying for accounts, and so are their buyers. Blizzard doesn’t care about Terms of Service, pay to win, or game balance. All that matters is the account balance at Activision’s Finance Department.

Waiting for Delimicus to come post “if you report a bot then they will get banned” and “people don’t abuse the mass report system”.


Yea. report, Ignore, & Move on. Is your final solution. That way you never hear from said person again.
If you want a final solution to bots &/or harassmant in an online game/community. Your soultuon is to stop going online. Play single player games. Grow a thicker skin.

Blizzard uses a banwave system that prevents botters from working out how blizzard detects them. The system works, but they do need to speed it up and make the time more random since gold sellers can just eat the bans and make plenty of money in the meantime.

Put them on ignore. You can remove them off the list a week later if need be. Problem resolved.

How can you sit there and say “the system works” have you played this game? It’s clearly not working. And that’s without mention of the huge number of undeserved bans they issue in their effort to do a piss poor job

As much as I hate this solution, you’re right. We have no power to do anything. We can only use the report system. Blizzard simply does not care. It’s not even complicated. It’s very blatant. They have every capability to give a f*, but they do not. They’re resources are going towards The stupid new ClAsSiC SeAsOn of desperation. As if they wouldn’t over look the fact that anyone who even came back in 2019 for classic came back for the old game. Which they didn’t even do right. And continue to not do right. They couldn’t possibly prove any more, than they already have, that they do not give a mother f*. This is the same company who thinks removing NPCs and emotes is supposed to deter people from the fact that they had a disgusting lawsuit. I wonder who went to jail. Prob no one. Money is crazy huh.

Woah there Kristallnacht

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