When fix Auto Rotation Bot / Auto kicks / Auto Grounding?

Every day I meet these cool guys who do 27 kicks in the arena and grounding all my important spells. They continue to play and no action is taken against them. Is it possible to get some feedback? Or is the use of auto bot rotation allowed in this game?

For those who don’t understand, it is impossible to fake it, it will either interrupt your “Specific” spell at 0.00001 of the start of the cast, or at 0.0000001 of the end of the cast, when you are no longer able to cancel the cast. The same goes for grouding, it puts it at 0.000001 end of your cast.

There are so many of them that I’m simply tired of listing them.
Not only shamans use this (auto kick). Therefore, this program is going to the masses and in 5 out of 10 lobbies there are cheaters. At high mmr you are guaranteed to face against honor level 1-50 shamans, on fresh accounts that have never received a gladiator before and give you 27 kicks per game. (There are even guys with good accounts who use it)


And that’s not all names

I file complaints every day, but they continue to play. Just don’t tell me that they will all get banned. No, they won’t.

Just take a look at what’s happening in the Taiwan region.

Many of these guys did the same thing that season, no one took their titles away or banned them. The guys continue to play and improve their ratings in all modes.


Sounds like somebody is jealous they aren’t a 5k cr monster gamer.


5k CR?!??!?? :joy:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

Fun fact: Blizzard doesn’t have anything to do with moderation in the TW and KR regions since those regions are operated by another company on behalf of Blizzard by contract.

I saw it once in Cataclysm from some people wintrading lol

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This is why I don’t fake cast anymore. The botting is just rampant

There was literally a post 1-2 weeks ago about 150,000 accounts banned for rotation bots. There is no reason to believe PvP players were excluded from that ban wave, so to answer your question… yes blizzard is doing something about it.

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Watched a healer buddy stream yesterday and 2 of the 2 Ele shammies he queued into in shuffle were kickbotting on fresh accounts. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: Dunno about totems/damage.

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Sure buddy

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just gonna leave this here


there’s also a surprising amount of ele bots this szn.

this szn is cooked inside and out

i don’t want to post that video because blizz can’t do anything about them

This just seems like a natural consequence of precog and the multitude of benefits it provides.

No one likes that their kick is the reason they die and cannot do anything about it.

Few things.

  1. About 90% of the time, blizzard dosent immdiately ban unless its like super obvious.
    even if it’s true they do it in waves.

  2. The asian side of wow is infested with alot of cheaters. This is why when many moved from China to NA servers, cheating became more prevelant. The good cheaters are hard to catch.

  3. The Asian side is also run by another company, that then goes through blizzard. Making it even harder for blizz to remove these cheaters with their own waves.

Hey guys I wonder what this macro does

#showtooltip Muzzle
/run if not (UnitCastingInfo(“target”) or UnitChannelInfo(“target”)) then ClearTarget() end; /cast [@target, exists, nodead] Muzzle /stopmacro [exists]


really just posting so that it gets dealt with, hopefully with more people abusing it it gets hot fixed within like 48 hours

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Im not sure it will get people banned. Its a script that is executable within the Blizzard UI in a macro slot without any external addons or programs needed.

It is a feature lol haha lmao xd

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It’ll probably get patched out sort of like the @target things working with reticles.

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I hate reticles. :unamused: especially when it accidentally targets the ceiling at the last second when you use it

honestly, its kinda funny. that kick macro makes it possible to que solo shuffle without ur teammates inting kicks into precog. ive had games where my team gives the enemy dps over 10 precogs in a row, missing all kicks.

this macro actualyl solves it. but obv should be removed. precog is cancer in soloshuffle. funny this obvious abuse is the only way around it

Also can’t overlap kicks in keys if you get your kick insta. :brain: