When does the horde get copy paste night elves?

Just wondering where blizzard is at with development on this. Since that’s what they do now, copy paste the most popular race to the other side

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Did you forgot the Nightborne exist?


Assuming you do get a true copy paste of a night elf race mean the Alliance will get a “unique” allied race(if nightborne are not considered a copy paste of night elves then the Alliance should get a none copy paste Horde like race to balance it out)

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You mean Nightborne?

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Void elves are more of a copy-paste than nightborne will ever be. They even got our twirly jumps when nightborne can’t even somersault jump like regular NE.

Hopefully never.
There are already too many elf races in the game.


NIghtborne are like senior citizens (see the faces)and you want them doing flips?

Blizzard is developing customization for the Nightborne. Maybe they will get some Night Elf hair.

Or even better, maybe they will get the jewelry they use on top of their clothes, the arcane/fel/fire shaped Shoulderpads and white hand glow and, instead of getting copy paste (that somehow people think copy paste is better than something new), you’d get way closer to the awesoem Suramar Nightborne. Who are both, Night Elves AND more original than VE/BE.

Dude exactly what I thought. They didn’t even get copy paste, they got an upgrade. Especially when they expand the customizations.

Blizzard did, no surprise players might have, too.

What are you on about?

What about those bloated faces are an upgrade?! :thinking:
The Nightborne are ugly as heck.

Meanwhile the Alliance has gotten an EXACT copy of a Horde race, and now people demand Blood Elf customization options on the Void Elf allied race.

When do Nightborne get the Night Elf beards, scars, leaves in hair, Night warrior eyes, etc etc. Should be easy to pass over, there is no difference whatsoever in faces and all :wink:

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Why should we want that garbage pathetic race? Unless we can rise some of them as dark rangers, of course

We got them in Legion and they were forgotten about until basically now. Not to mention the customization options from the start were some of the weakest of all of the races.

Sadly the race with the beautiful city and inspiring variations in the NPC models were some of the worst models over all for years. And honestly I’m not going to hold my breath just yet until I see what they include, given that even some of the base races got shafted on the customization department going into Shadowlands.

We’re here, but cooler.

We also control our own territories and have a home :eyes:

You said Blizzard forgot the Nightborne, I posted something that shows Blizzard is giving more customizations for them. Everything in your comment is completely irrelevant. You were wrong, it’s okay.

Just because something was remembered later doesn’t mean they weren’t forgotten before. I forgot people like to go after one’s character rather than have a discussion, but thankfully you helped me remember. :slight_smile:

You’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole. Just accept you were wrong and move on. :slight_smile:

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