What's wrong with Vanish?

Except they said in this very thread that they already deployed a hotfix to fix it.

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I LOLLED hard at “development sprints” and “peer reviewed and approved”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. You mean adding semi colons to existing Legion client code? And who do you think is “peer reviewing” these hot fixes? I’ll tell you who: we are.

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Yeah, their hotfix clearly didn’t work. I’ve had multiple Vanish -> Prep -> Vanish combos not do anything about mobs on me, and no there were no dogs with truesight. I’ve brought this up with my guild and all the Rogues immediately chimed in that it was definitely broken.

I think it’s actually been worse since the hotfix.


Let’s keep bumping this up!

Had the same problem in LBRS last night.

possibly same problem as feign death.
could be a spell batching thing vs instant need, and they don’t get along.

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“We fixed the bug”

We cant trust a thing you guys say ever, can we?


I keep experiencing the vanish bug in BRD and I have to say, it’s pretty annoying to need to spend an absurd chunk of time running to your corpse repeatedly because Blizzard wants to pretend the issue is fixed.

Honestly any quality control and testing should have flushed out that Vanish clearly wasn’t fixed.

This is almost a comic mishandling of Classic. I’m In BRD in the first place because the ridiculous problems Blizzard created with the economy and Wpvp by obliterating vanilla server caps.

And even THAT has become a slog because they broke vanish.

It’s like the three stooges took over world of warcraft.


It really is sad how it is still broken. But I have faith they will fix it eventually.

Yeah, honestly I got really excited when I saw this blue post, but later that same day got bummed when it was just as bad, if not worse, than before.

That said, at least they finally acknowledged it and are working on it. Just give it time.

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Vanish still seems broken to me; I had some hunter pet chase me even though I got a clean vanish off.

The same thing happens with lock pets sometimes where the pets seem to develop a mind of their own and chase me in stealth even though I’m entirely out of range of being detected. (also I have 5/5 deception).


Yeah, this should not be happening. Vanish removed all aggro and pet pursuits in vanilla. If this isn’t the case in classic, then it is bugged and needs fixing.

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Sad to report that it still isn’t working properly. I’ve had several situations where NPCs mobs have finished a cast several seconds after I have vanished. Ping is fine.


Just had two more fail - back to back in a pvp scenario.

Fighting another rogue - attempt vanish - he auto attacks me through it. Prep, vanish again - he auto attacks me through it.

I’m kinda of tired of being civil on this one.

Fix - your - garbage.


I attribute the problems we are seeing with Vanish to the batching system. I have witnessed it screwing me and my enemies over quite regularly.

Just a few moments ago I had a druid warstomp me - and then while stunned I proceeded to finish him off with an auto attack. This is incorrect behavior.

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So many abilities and items are not working reliably like they used to in Vanilla that it’s almost comical. The port to the new client has apparently messed up the game in ways they don’t understand cause they keep trying to fix the symptoms instead of the disease.


2 main reasons vanish “fails” some times.

  1. Spell batched had a “hit” calculated when you vanished hitting you in stealth knocking you back out.
  2. an in bound ranged attack that was 80% completed in the casting phase. The arrow will still be shot the fire ball will still cast because of latency.
    2a. In bound ranged attacks in the air will hit you in stealth and knock you out.

The fix does not seem to be working. Since your post, I’ve made a few careless pulls in RFD, and Vanish is still failing.

I’ve been trying to give it the best possible chance of working. I’ll Sprint away, ensure I have a few yards of distance between the mobs, then I’ll Vanish (and visibly fade out), while continuing to run. I never stop running away. Yet somehow, as a raid geared lvl 60, gray lvl 39 mobs are pulling me out of stealth like it’s nothing. They never stop attacking me.

Note: In RFD, there’s a DOT debuff that pulls you out of stealth, but I can confirm I did not have the debuff, as I’ve been specifically checking for it.

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Bumping for visibility as it is still not working a lot of the time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Just a flip of a coin.

Vanish is still broken.

Yep, still not working. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it’s not breaking combat.