What's wrong with Vanish?

Yeah it does not work in PVP that’s for sure.

I did some tests last night with a friend to find out how good Vanish is; still does not clear enemy player target in a reliable way.

Additionally Break on “damage” effects don’t break on damage in the way that they ought too, but stealth breaks if you look at it wrong… (just like break on damage should)

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Attempted to pick some pockets as I am low on blind powder for pvp and discovered vanish was not working. Mentioned it in guild to find that it was supposed to be fixed yesterday. As of 11/20, the issue is unresolved. With three standard humanoids attacking me, I can vanish, preparation and vanish again with no chance of resetting threat. I tested this several times in a row on the pickpocket route in BRD.


Just got chased in LBRS by 2 mobs, sprinted so i was at least 10 yards away and vanished and they didn’t drop target or stop pursuing me at all.

Clearly not fixed.


Playing on Stalagg Horde. I just gouged 1 npc (improved gouge) and blinded the other, then ran away 20 yards. I then vanished while still moving away. When gouge wore off, the npc proceeded to continue to chase me. The NPC does not have stealth visibility. This has occurred to me in other manner with other npcs 4 times in a row now.

If anything, it is now even more broken. Not fixed.


Why didn’t I expect anything else?

Just as broken as before. Actually seems to be even worse now. Sigh :frowning:

That said, I am very happy that this issue is getting the attention it deserves, and I am looking forward to future development. Thank you Blizzard!

Rogue is fun, but damn if they would just make the class actually function as it’s suppose to it would be a lot more fun.

These bugs are rather un-fun, and according to my brother who main’d a rogue in vanilla he said that these are indeed not authentic.

Hmm… it definitely feels different. I think getting autoattacked by NPCs after vanish has gotten a lot more rare.

But NPCs still take an insane amount of time to reset after vanish (I think this is even worse than before!).
They follow you to your position and even a bit beyond the point where you hit vanish. That process takes like 2sec+ until they fully reset.

If you happen to have a dot on you that breaks stealth in that time window they will just continue to hit you ignoring vanish.

Vanish just doesn’t break combat instantly… it is SUPER delayed.

It SHOULD put you in combat. It’s idiotic that it doesn’t in later expansions. It’s a combative action. See: _combat_ive

I can imagine head cannon logic that might explain away remaining in stealth with sap, but remaining in stealth and also not being in combat after hitting someone is too much. Just my opinion.


still seems to be broken

No, it shouldn’t. No, it isn’t.

Same thing with feign death. Welcome to spell batching. You think you want it, but you don’t.


Sap puts him into combat.

This is vanilla-like.


After even some more testing I can confirm enemies are still not consistently dropping target after performing vanish.

Performing Vanish is still like rolling a dice.

It looked a lot better yesterday but I guess I was just lucky. Today vanish seems to be just an animation+sound again.

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I’ve had two vanish fails the past hour in BRD to regular mobs in which I had distance before vanishing both times.

Vanish is still busted.

Yes, I too am frustrated with Vanish and its buggy state.
Please continue to work on this ability, Blizzard.

Any dogs aggroed? I’ve not had an issue on my end since the patch.

Still broken, Blizzard. What now?


So frustrating. BRD pick pocket is already such a grind, these corpse runs off of mobs who refuse to drop combat after a vanish is making it absurd.

Have faith man. The fact is, they are aware of the issue and are working on fixes. Give it time, the game has only been out less than 3 months, they will fix it soon I am sure.

Deploying fixes aren’t 5 minute tasks. There are procedures for change fix requests. They’re assigned an SLA time depending on severity of the bug (number of users affected, if its related to data security, if it’s game-breaking, etc)

Then they get assigned to 2-week development sprints. Then they’re peer reviewed and approved. Then they’re sent to QA for testing. Then they’re added to a hotfix schedule or release cadence.

It’s a long process. It’s not just making you another mcdouble at McDonald’s because it didn’t have ketchup on it