Vanish still very bugged

Hey, just a reminder that vanish is still bugged. Please fix this. Thank you!


Thats because they gave us the garbage one from vanilla instead of a newer version that was actually fixed, it doesnt even work half the time correctly.

I hope after the next restart all our problems are gone…
I hope…

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Yeah… so is that supposed to fix the ‘issue’ of me being brought out of stealth due to spell batching after i’ve vanished? Or the fact that I dont even go into stealth sometimes after casting vanish in PvP?

Sorry to say, but vanish will not be fixed until they fix (AND ACKNOWLEDGE) their batching implementation. I.E. Never.

Same with FD. Same with Iceblock taking dmg, same with getting attacked through stuns. Same with virtually everything that is causing problems at the moment.

None of this will be fixed until they revisit their batching implementation. Blue can post all it wants - doesn’t matter.

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Well, the vanish “fix” after months and months of waiting for one did absolutely nothing. In fact, it appears, it has made it even worse. I am hoping it will get better over time but it certainly is frustrating.

it would be cool to see the raw code that was edited to “fix” the issue" both before & after so we can try to understand just wtf they are doing cause i haven’t a clue.

Not sure about the details or anything. Don’t know code lol. All I know is vanish is still busted.

FD kinda works… kinda… sometimes…

Vanish is still clearly busted in PVP use, especially the “Vanish” buff.

I find it very interesting that I can break a rogues stealth effectively instantly and that part of the game engine is 10000% responsive yet when it comes to a rogue getting back to stealth or my hunter dropping combat; that part is not as reliable.

Also still notice that abilities (CC abilities) that are suppose to break on damage often don’t for quite a long time.

Also more testing needs to be done, It appears there is no DR on druid roots… I could be very wrong here but I got rooted several times and never did it feel like the duration was reduced.

Ironically FD saved me; it worked!!!