What's up with Gilneas?

First time back in I think like 6 months, I last played when the forbidden reach just got added and I noticed there’s a bigass new tree and there’s a boat to stormglen now. Did I miss a questline where we finally went back to totallynotlondonIpromise?

Yup. The Worgen (With the help of the Forsaken, actually) retook Gilneas from the clutches of the Scarlet Crusade…who are still around and kicking for whatever reason in significant numbers to retain control of an entire city.


What in the god damn? Why are the scarlet crusade in gilneas? I uh… I think I need to go find some lore videos.

This particular branch of the Crusade are against monstrosities in general. They hate the Worgen, and don’t feel like they deserve Gilneas.

Genn decides he’s too old and racist to lead his people, and puts his daughter in charge.

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Yeah, but this is classic Blizzard. Every group has exactly as much population as it requires for the story.

The Blood Elves are on the edge of extinction and have been for a decade but they always have enough to field multiple standing armies. The Scarlet Crusade has been broken, destroyed, defeated, but it could still feasibly be millions strong if the plot required.


I’m 100% okay with the belves doing this because at this point I think it’s been long enough that one could argue they could have armies if Lor’Themar was cool with soldiers that are like 16 or something.
The scarlet crusade are actively being hunted tho…

You could make the argument that the Forsaken are kind of not in a good spot to go hunting anyone at the moment.

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i like the part when the forsaken used blight to retake gilneas

gilneans: let me see what you have

forsaken: BLIGHT

gilneans: Noooooooooo!!!


Random headcanon but it would have been cool if Gilneas, rather than being 100% depopulated/evacuated after the war with the forsaken, had some contingent of non-Worgen Gilneans who remained behind under either occupation (doubtful, since all wars in warcraft seem to involve annihilating the opposing population entirely) or in the hinterlands beyond the blight and forsaken encampments.

They don’t have the worgen curse to bind them to the night elves and the alliance, they were basically abandoned and may resent Genn & co for that, and they really hate the undead–they’d be perfect recruits for a resurgent Scarlet Monastery but in Gilneas. The Gilnean Scarlets could be a local revival of a long-running anti-undead faction, populated by Gilneans who never left.

OR we can just accept that Scarlets are a universal constant that re-appears whenever the plot might need some things to kill I guess. See Also: hostile troll tribes, twilight cultists, hostile dragons


Well they were recruiting pretty hard a few years ago right? They had propaganda they had the true heir of Lordaeron iirc. So maybe they got a bunch of people that way. I do think the meta reason is the last thing you said. That said I think between the propaganda, the 4th War, the Scourge running rampant for a bit, I think it makes sense a lot of Scarlets got recruited from all over the human population.

Don’t forget Ion saying we’ll never get High Elves because there’s not enough of them to be a full faction.

After the Suramar Cinematic that showcases a full freaking High Elf Army camped outside the walls.


…and then they run around a pool.

(…it’s from a meme if ppl didn’t get it)

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Every time I see this thread, I feel like “What’s up with Gilneas?” should be a weekly comedy sketch show.


Been a while, but I remember the knife.

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There is a secret to how this is possible. The only thing you need to do is wonder why we can’t enter some buildings in the world, and ask another question. …how are babies made?

We see babies and kids, we hear about two people in a romantic relationship and a child come of it, but no one has ever seen it done. Sure, a midwife says they delivered babies, but we take them at their word. Those not part of the process never see it happen.

Now, all the places in the world that has a door that we can’t open is hiding the baby making process. They are everywhere in the world because they need to be in order to play the great deception. All of the world leaders know about this secret, but they hide it from their populace. It’s so important that even when two sides are at war, no matter how badly one side is losing, they will never reveal the secret. Because it would expose themselves too.

Think of the tale of the stork. These babies are “made” and taken to lovers. It happens in the night. I hear you ask “what about pregnancy and the memories of family and friends seeing the belly?” Woah ho ho my friend, look around, no one ever has a belly. The world is under a spell that is activated within the minds of all; once a baby is delivered in the night.

This process is a bit complex, i know. But, most children don’t have parents. A convenient way to mass produce babies without all the hoopla is to present them as orphans. And that! Is the real reason we always have war. So that we can say a kid “lost” their parents.

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What if they 3d printed too few storks in Zereth Vitae and instead of bringing babies they have had to bring full grown adults because of the back log and they just kind of throw them into various factions that seem like they need new kids

The scarlets of Gilneas are an especially lobotomized branch.

As a fan of the Sylvania and Border Princes conflict, the entire Tirisfal campaign is just so underwhelming.

Forsaken losing their bite and edge, Scarlets losing their frontal lobe, and the whole Tess and Genn transfer felt WAY too early. Not to mention every other cool and prominent Gilnean becomes a literal backdrop character.

I will never have a properly Balkanized Tirisfal with charismatic yet brutal leaders on every side of the conflict.

Gods i miss the Von Carsteins.


Mannfred von Carstein is the Erebus of Fantasy.

At least we don’t have skaven.

The next expansion literally takes place in an Under-Empire.