What's up with Gilneas?

IDK why but my first reaction to this was “Why hello there pancreasnowork from youtube”


We dont talk about baldilocks.
Im talking Vlad, Isabella, and lets include Konrad into the mix.

But not End Times Isabella.

I mean …

We have Titan Facilities that can produce life-forms with the push of a button, both organic and inorganic.

We’ve never been able to get into Northern Lordaeron, and there’s Titan facilities scattered all over the planet. We know the Dreadlords behind the Scarlet Crusade had more knowledge and allegiances than they let on, even to the Legion, and we know that Tyr and his allies created several Titanic facilities in the Eastern Kingdoms after fleeing from Loken, forming the super-structure known as Uldaman, which extends all the way from the badlands to loch modan and even into the surrounds of dun morogh.

Tyr’s Tomb in Tirisfal Glades was built by Vrykul and is loaded with Titanic mechanisms, including regulation technology that monitor the surrounding environment, and that was built by Vrykul. Tyr had both Metal and Flesh Vrykul in his armies, but only the metallic ones were present as he fought that Old God minion to the death, meaning some of them had to live long enough to finish building the Tomb, especially since little of it is actually Human-sized.

Studying the Curse of Flesh and considering if it may have affected Loken, not knowing if the ‘Acting Prime Designate’ was a willing convert to Yogg’Saron or had been bent to the Old God’s will, could have been a function, as well as studying how his Vyrkul had been affected by the Curse, could have vital to their rebellion against Loken, especially since Yogg’Saron had such influence over the Curse, given what happened to Galakrond, and what we’d see, thousands of years later, when Yogg’Saron began reversing the Curse of Flesh during the Wrath Expansion to re-create Stone and Metal Vrykul, Dwarves and Giants to defend Ulduar, and fight the Lich King since the Necromancy of the Scourge could not raise inorganic subjects.

Finding a facility that’s been repurposed by whatever Light-derived leadership behind the Scourge to mass-produce Humans with false memories implanted, could be a horrifying twist to discover, and given what we know about the Dreadlords, Lothraxion might not be the only Light ‘Demon’ on the playing field.

Coming back to ground, however, sadly the most likely cause of the army of Scarlet bastardry we dealt with is good old fashioned Human bigotry. Even as far back as Vanilla, the Court of Nobles, the Faith of the Light and every Human settlement has been home to this cancer, even if the vast majority of the Human kingdoms had no time for that kind of thinking after the Orc Wars ripped the veil away from their eyes.

The Scarlet Crusade has always used the tried and true methods of a cult, isolate and curate their fears and distress, undermine any other entity or agency in their lives, force dependency upon the cult and then push indoctrination as the only way to get ahead or know security, repeat as necessary until the individual or group in question has come completely under the cult’s thumb.

And given what has been happening to the Humans of Stormwind, Arathai and Gilneas, its not that far to stretch to assume those who’ve fought the Scourge, the Forsaken, the Horde and just the unending tide of monsters, mutated beasts and famines, floods, diseases, relentless taxation, political neglect and forced military conscription battering at them day in and day out for years, might look for a way out and find an easy scapegoat for all the trouble they’re in, the one hook they can hang all these hats on and finally make a move to get rid of all their burdens.