Whats the best class for MechaGnomes?

Hi guys,

Based on their abilities, what would be the best classes or class for Mechagnomes, please?

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IMO warrior.


This thread will direct you to Mechagnome fans who can probably give you a good answer.


Paladin ofc


I’d say any clothie DPS with mage edging out Warlock and Spriest. The main stat boost, lockpick and proff racial is gonna help most classes about the same. The heal at 20% and the holograms that pull agro off you would benefit the more squishy classes most and Mage most of them because their lack of heals.


They look amazing with certain warlock transmogs. They look pretty good as mages too. I don’t have one, but seen mechagnome warlocks occasionally pop up on the forums and sometimes they have a really amazing transmog.

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Whichever you think fits the best transmogs. It’s really hard to find something that looks cool on any armor type imo and it’s the main reason I don’t play them as much as I like gnomes. Can’t play something I don’t like to look at

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There is no wrong answers.


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Hunter. If you’re going for Theme. Closest you’ll ever get to Tinker.


Why can’t they be? honestly…


I checked out Vulpera and Mechagnomes on the new animated Character Creation page.

Personally, I kind of hate the legs on the Mechagnomes. To me those look as ugly as exposed bones look on the undead. So I will choose a robed class (Mage, Priest, Warlock) for my first Mechagnome.

The other options are Monk, Rogue, Warrior and Hunter. Those 7 are Vulpera classes too, plus Vulpera can be Shamans.

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From what I hear, their racials make them really good tanks.
I made mine warrior but had a hard time picking what I wanted to do, ended up settling on that. They do at least have really good 1h / shield mogs from Mechagon island.
Hunter could also be a good choice if you like mechanical pets.

I think Priest and Warrior would be pretty solid, due to their healing racial and these classes generally being hard to kill in PvE content (currently running a mini terminator Warrior)

It seems like the only way to really use all of their racial abilities is as a Warrior with Blacksmithing or maybe Engineering, though a Hunter or Mage with Mining and Jewelcrafting could also be good.

I made mine a monk because hitting enemies with a metal fist or foot seems to me would do more damage than a regular hand or foot. I have my very own miniature Iron Fist. :crazy_face:


i kind of like the the Deathlok/Robocop vibe of being a cyborg death knight

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Dk. You can make mr.freeze and terminator puns


Hunter, you can be a mechanical gnome with mechanical pets.

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Mechagnomes have the ability to pick locks as any class that you desire along with adding some profession tools you don’t need to carry because you are a profession tool yourself.

So Rogues have diminished value.

You want to roll a class that scales very well with Primary Stat such as a Death Knight (Fallen Crusader), a Mage (Especially Arcane), a Warrior (doesn’t scale as well as Dks but they do have Battle Shout). Any class that scales with Primary Stat will do. Just do note that you are in a competition against a Draenei as Combat Analysis got nerfed.

You can roll as a hunter if you really like the Tinker Aesthetic.

If you consider Void Elf best for heavy casters, what classes should go Void Elf?

Once those are selected, which spell classes are best as Mechagnome, if not Voidelf?