What would cause you to consider teldrassil repayed?

(Mysteries) #1

To me:
The only repayment i would accept is orgrimmar or thunder bluff being razed to the ground.

When the horde lose something of accual value.
Npc have no value outside of cutscence.
You cant use them.
Just look at them.
And undercity where ruins that nobody cared for until they where destroyed.

I know many will consider this too far.

So what would cause you to consider teldrassil repayed?


No, stop, please! Anything but Org!

leaves back door open

(Bargrand) #3

The canonical total defeat and forced integration of the Horde and the removal of the faction system. (Let’s face it. If it wasn’t clear before that the faction system should never have been implemented, this expansion has proven it.)

(Solythn) #4

This is objectively false.

(Hackbrew) #5

cue crying Native American commercial except it’s me looking sad with Blight trickling down my face since my tear ducts don’t work no more

(Hafren) #6

The death of Nathanos.

He’s the only thing Sylvanas cares about, apart from herself at this point, I think. It wouldn’t make it even, one man’s life for the lives of all those who burned, but it would hurt Sylvanas more than anything else.

(Xoroth) #7

Thunderbluff is the place nobody cares about until it’s gone. It would probably be good for the Tauren to be hit with some calamity to see how they would react and progress as characters.


A horde race joining the Alliance. That would hit her where she hurts and show the world that actions have consequences.

(Syaeles) #9

It’s both false and its correct. Undercity mattered to two groups of people. Forsaken fans and the Deus Vult Human Paladins that want to take back their Warcraft Jerusalem.

Who it doesnt matter at all to are the Night Elf fans. I’ve yet to meet someone who’s a Night Elf fan first and foremost that gives any sort of a crap about Undercity. Nor do any of care about Dazar’alor. The problem is these were both framed as the Alliance’s retaliation for Teldrassil.

What would satisfy me personally as a die hard Night Elf fan for over a decade? Building a new World Tree in Kalimdor in a zone important to the Horde that we take by force. And when I say we I mean the Kaldorei. The full might of the Kaldorei army accompanied by the PC. No human potential. (Yes I’m aware some PCs are Humans) I dont care what zone it is. Could be on top of Mulgore. Could be Stonetalon. Whatever. So long as the zone is of major importance to the Horde and not of red and black are slaughtered in the process. Give the Horde a quest with some impossible task they’re doomed to fail. We’ve already had two this expansion.

(Tilgath) #10

Nothing that’s possible ingame. At this point, I don’t even want payback. I just want this terrible expansion to end, and for the next one to have the factions completely separate OR have 100% neutral content where the factions aren’t even mentioned. I’m praying that I’ll never have to see Sylvanas, Nathanos, Saurfang, Baine, or any other Horde NPC ever again in Alliance content. Same goes for Alliance NPCs when I’m playing on my Horde alts.

I honestly enjoyed questing through Kul Tiras and Zandalar with just their own stories and the faction crap barely there. It was only once I reached max level and the faction war became the ONLY story that ennui set in.

(Linoradrin) #11

I mean, Teldrassil was apparently more shocking to both sides because it had a whole set of cinematics, weeks in the pre-patch with NPCs suffering, and mentioning the importance of this exhaustively until the end of the War of Thorns. Undercity did not pass this importance to any of the factions, all it took was a scenario in which the leader herself explodes the capital as if it did not matter. We do not know what the NPCs thought of it, or of leaving iconic places like Brill, symbol of the independence of the Forsaken, just some NPC or another in Zandalar (Nazmir) lamenting that he liked/miss his personal routine in Undercity.
Both cities were empty and without much importance in terms of gameplay, perhaps harnessed more by roleplayers (only). But this ‘imbalance of importance’, the impression that events have passed on us, makes our loss (which is still essentially a loss at last) more irrelevant, so you want us to lose more, and then begin to justify how we are morally horrible or something. It’s tiring.

(Droité) #12

Hmm … I’m gonna guess you’re going to see a lot of:

  • Kill the majority of the remaining Horde representatives so that the Horde NEVER can have relevance in any story moving forward again. Its just going to be Legion-esk expansion after Legion-esk expansion from now on. :smiley:

  • Prove the absurdity of “Human Potential” by proving once and for all that the “Kaldorei Potential” is WAY more ridiculous; as they single handedly destroy the entirety of the Horde by themselves (proving they don’t need no stinking Alliance; they’re a strong independent race that take no guff).

  • Punish the Horde playerbase severely for choosing the wrong faction, and for being part of a story they have absolutely no control over. After all, remember, being forced to fight in a war you’re constantly told you could never win (and awaiting the obvious betrayal of our leader) should feel good right? We had our time in the sun with the WoT, that time should never come again. :smiley:

(Syaeles) #13

When elegy / A good war / WoT establish that even just the Darnassus City Guard can give the Horde a serious struggle and make Sylvanas suffer serious troop losses. When she says straight up that she knows she probably can’t take on Malfurion or Tyrande let alone both of them. Are we supposed to just set that aside? I’ve been told in several ways the full might of the Kaldorei Army is a force to be reckoned with. I want to see it happen. They don’t need to single handedly take out the entire Horde on their own. See my above post.

(Droité) #14

No, not at all, but I do want people to realize just how absolutely absurdly OP the NE’s have been portrayed as being on paper (and its the reason they largely either fight entities like the Legion, or other Elves from their past; they are the ONLY things powerful enough to give them a challenge on paper). They’re power-fantasy worked fine within the confines of an RTS, but within an MMO … if they were allowed to act as they have been portrayed … they don’t even really exist within the same genre as most PC races. They’re so immensely blessed as a species that they (in many ways) just ignore the factor of tech-creep. Its kinda nuts.

(Syaeles) #15

And we never get to see that and they’re constantly used as punching bags to make horde Players feel good.


Nothing about Teldrassil was designed to make Horde players feel good. Except maybe giving us a cool bat mount.

(Zabriel) #17

The only repayment i would accept is orgrimmar or thunder bluff being razed to the ground.

The Tauren and Nelf player base its simple not the same. It wouldn’t have the same impact imo.

Maybe the only equivalent can be Quel 'Thalas but we all know that the devs are too lazy to update the zone.


Those that died in burning coming back to life, the return of lands of the night elves with the possibly Stonetalon Mountains and Azshara being included, and a guarantee the Horde will never take their lands again.

Alternative solution is the full eradication of the Horde because chances are if another faction war comes around it very likely that the night elves get attacked first or be the cause the next faction war.

Another alternative is going back in time and erasing the BFA war narrative from lore, this includes events leading to the Burning of Teldrassil. (aka World of Warcraft: Chromie and Her Homies Strike Back)

And as a Horde character who is acknowledged is how bad the Burning of Teldrassil, I sees this not an easy issue to resolve and can spell more doom for Blizzard if not resolved.

(Droité) #19

How so? Do you see the Horde players “feeling good” about being told that damned near their entire faction being put against a skeleton police force in Ashenvale and Darkshore resulted in THEIR faction taking more combatant causalities? For that matter, shouldn’t it make SOME sense that the NEs are having a more and more difficult time dealing with the Horde solo?

They are (in many ways) a deliberately militarily stagnant civilization. They rely extensively on millenias old tech and tactics (which gave them a massive edge early on). They SHOULD be having to rely more and more on the Wild-Gods and Malf to make up for the ever decreasing military advantage they have against the Horde (who has advanced explosively within the last decade); shouldn’t they?

(Belas) #20

Lmfao. So it doesn’t matter that the Horde lost a city already because it doesn’t matter to Night elf fans. Please get over yourself.