What would a Mag'har Orc Wear for his wedding?

Not sure of the right place to put this so apologies if this is the wrong section for this.
I’m planning a World of Warcraft themed wedding. I’m gonna be a Nightborne and my fiance wants to be a Mag’har Orc, the only issue is we can’t figure out what a Mag’har would wear for a special occasion. I’ve only ever seen them in armor. Looking for the most lore friendly answer, if there is one. TIA


I’m not sure orcs even hold weddings, or marry in the sense humans do. Mankrik is about the only orc to actually call his SO his ‘wife’ as opposed to ‘mate’. Still, go to Garadar in Outland or the Frostwolf areas of Frostfire Ridge and look for orcs wearing more casual clothes and extrapolate a more elaborate version?


Thrall and Aggra had a wedding


Probably something they killed specially for the occasion.

So basically I’m telling you to grab your gun and your skinning knife and make a day of it. If you want to be authentic, that is.


Good idea. Thanks!

I assume for a wedding, special robes of some sort would be worn. Possibly made from a specially hunted beast as mentioned before.


Oh yea, almost forgot the ‘elemental bonds’ quest chain. Still Thrall wasn’t a Mag’har. “Honey, you’re gonna need the biggest prayer beads you can find- no seriously, each one should ideally be bigger than your fist. Also, chains; lots of them, as belt, skirt, and wristguards.”

Am gonna remain with my previous answer though, ‘slightly more elaborate version of their normal clothes’. Orcs don’t strike me as a people who would wear fancy duds outside of war bling.

Yea, nice leather vest/cloak/robes with some little decorative ‘hunting trophy’ teeth/claws/horns/antlers here and there sounds good.


Whatever makes him feel pretty uwu


Nightborne and Mag’har? Whut? That is extremy unlikely pairing as two societies have absolutely nothing in common. Would they even be attracted to one another?

We just picked our favorite races :woman_shrugging: It’s an odd pairing but we’re happy with it.


Along the watch tower, a Maghar and a Nightborne prepare for the looming Alliance assault.

Maghar: “You look like you need help putting those two pieces together.”

Nightborne: “It is called concentration. It works better without background noise.”

Maghar: “I have this bomb and this match. Goblins designed it… but I made it.”

Nightborne: “Hrmph. I suppose I could use the flame of a match as a catalyst…”

wedding bells


“I’ve been trapped in a bubble with the same guys for 10,000 years. You could say I’m ready for a little… variety.”
Literally one of their flirts is about wanting something different from their race.


A Loincloth and the pelt of whatever they killed for this joyous occasion.

Men and Women alike will be in awe, wishing they could get that orc.


Well you can do it for jokes and giggles, but I wouldn’t treat it seriously myself.

I bet her Nightborne dress would be more beautiful than we could imagine.

If there are any gods left after Sylvanas claims them for their hubris… may there be blessings left for you and yours.


Well I, for one, fully support interspecies romance.

Climb it like a tree, sis.


I just find the concept of 10k year snobby old nightborne hag going for alien orc brute that is incredibly underaged when compared to her and that likely sleeps with wolves to be so bizzare that if someone would seriously roleplay it out I’d laugh it off and leave thinking it’s some sort of prank.

And what will happen in like 60 years when orc would die out of old age? Would she find another orc hottie, and another?

You don’t have anything better to do today than keep commenting on something without actually contributing anything? We get it, it isn’t your cup of tea. Its also not your wedding, nor was I planning on inviting you. You’ve said your piece now move on with your day I’m not gonna sit here and argue with you all day.

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you really don’t know much about the lore do you?
not all mag har come from the same tribe, stop looking at things so black and white, also not all nightborne want to live by the same code, some want to have a bit of adventure in their life and may die by the blade