What will ruin Wrath Classic?

I’m already on the hype train for Wrath Classic. Wayyy too early but it just hit me.

So what will ruin Wrath Classic? I think a lot of us didn’t realize the things that will ruin TBC but at this point we’re getting better at spotting issues.

For me I think having no fresh option for Wrath, and Every Man For Himself human racial will be the two biggest things that put a downer on the game. Maybe the fact that JC/Engi is the hands down best profession combo for nearly every build, but that’s not as big of a deal for me because it’s not drums level of stupidity.



professions arent that impactful in wrath

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To me the way it’s raids/pvp or nothing is killing my drive to play TBC and I just started it. And that’s probably my fault for starting so late, but I just wanted a chill nostalgic experience. And I don’t expect that to change with Wraith.


Season of Mastery was proof that nobody really wanted fresh servers and was a waste of time and money. Every man actually made alliance worth playing, especially in the PVP scene. Even back in the day, Every Man still wasn’t enough and a majority of PvPers were still horde.

I don’t think anything realistically will ruin WOTLK, but making any changes for LFD will definitely be a negative. Should be left the way it was.


The reason SOM is failing has nothing to do with Fresh. Often times the only positive thing you hear about SOM is that people were able to have another fresh leveling experience. Everything bad about SOM is happening post-cap.

There’s a difference between “worth playing human” and “hands down the absolute best choice for PVP for your class is human if your class can be human”

Here’s how humans evolved:
Vanilla: If you didn’t choose human for your rogue or warrior, you were the odd man out in nearly every situation. The only excuse you could make is if you went gnome for PVP on warrior or dwarf/gnome on rogue.
TBC: Human doesn’t really matter that much. Fairly balanced race.
Wrath: For PVP, if your class can be human, you are absolutely gimping yourself by a huge degree if you don’t choose human and it’s not really close.


I would want it to kinda go back to that “Classic Wow” feeling where everything is fresh and new, but honestly the hardcore side of the community is really dragging down my enjoyment. But that’s me personally I just feel like given the amount of spam in lfg and trade I just don’t seem myself caring about Wraith to be honest. I might unsubscribe soon. It’s just not fun being a casual player now.


I’d argue that Wrath is more forgiving to casual players with the option to run 10 man raids.


I don’t want to run raids. I mean it would be cool, but I don’t want to do the meter stuff.

What is the meter stuff?

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Like dps meters the hardcore junk. I don’t care about that stuff.

then dont do it ?


I’m just trying to lift you up a bit, but I really think you could find 9 other players who are just like that. They’re not much concerned about parses and all that junk.

I personally hate parse culture. I do enjoy playing at the highest level that I can personally play at, but going on to warcraft logs and seeing that my best is only 85 percentile isn’t what I’m interested in. I know I’m not top 1% of this game, I don’t need WCL to tell me that.

I’d say I’m a fairly hardcore player in that I play a LOT of hours, but not that I’m a god gamer. I would fit in just fine in an anti-parse culture guild, so long as we’re fully working towards clearing content for highest loot efficiency per week.

I think most guilds are run like absolute garbage. I’ve never been the type to want to start a guild, but lately I almost feel like that’s what I’ll have to do in order to ‘find’ the guild that isn’t a complete poop show.


I don’t lol. I just chill and play with my homies. I just find it lacking as a casual player. I remember Wraith had the LFD and that might be cool.

Alliance don’t get any stronger on the PvE front with EMFH.

Horde is still the better faction overall.


Yeah I thought I was compelty done with Wow and I got so burned out playing other mmos my buddy suggested Classic TBC since I never played the original classic. It’s ok. I mean it’s Wow from back in the day. I don’t remember it being so hardcore, but rose tinted glasses and all.

Uh what lol. Most people didn’t even make it to cap. Leveling is/was still too slow even with the small Xp buff.

This was for PvE, not for PvP. Perception exists but there was no arena, making it situational.

Perception decent in low elo arena. Still no where near comparable to most of horde racials.

Humans finally get an all around good PvP racial. However, the other alliance racials got buffed as well. Arguably night elf is the best PvP class for healers due to shadowmeld acting as a mini-vanish that would allow you to drop combat and drink in arena with ease, or shadowmeld a big CC. Escape artist is still decent, and stoneform was situational but on the weaker side. Draenei have instant cast healing that scales with attack power/spell power and but still isn’t bad, probably the weakest of alliance racials.

Every man is good for sure, but its not necessary by any means.

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Isn’t that the same thing for orc?

Orc is still overall the absolute best race.

And in the grand scheme of the game horde is still better.

I think theres way more casual things in wrath like lfd, achiv tab, there’s was alot more nodes in the world to farm


You’re not wrong. I’m just getting a bad feeling from what I’ve seen of TBC classic. It’s hard to remember how I played back in the day, but I don’t remember feeling bad about my playstyle. It just feels so limited, but that might be the whole mega server thing.