What warrants a Thread being Locked vs Deleted

This just happened to pop in my mind a minute ago after seeing that one of my post was deleted, but another was only locked? I’ll prob get some flame for this, but I’m actually curious on how this is decided? What deems a thread to get deleted vs just being locked? Would it just be easier to just delete a thread after its locked, since it can’t really be interacted with after being locked? Do locked threads get used as examples for other people to see? and maybe that’s why they don’t get deleted?

None of us know. Only people running the stuff know.


You had a thread deleted but no action taken against you, leaving you free to roam. But making multiple threads about that removal might lead to action being taken. Just let it go, it is what it is.


Everyone grab your popcorn; this show will only be running until the morning.

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If I posted it, the probability of it being considered spam and subsequently deleted scales with how much fun I was having when I posted it. :dracthyr_cry_animated:

Or maybe I’m just not allowed to start topics. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


You’re really hung up on this aren’t you… :rofl: you made another thread like this 5 hours ago.

My take is that occasional humour is taken pretty well, but say you make something that a large number of people think is a nuisance and then you end up running into trouble.

Best thing I can recommend is if you ever feel like calling someone an idiot or feel like you’re going to say something visceral completely disconnect from the forums for a week, mute the thread or don’t respond at all. If someone is acting rudely to you, they will behave the same to others and dig their own grave.

Can’t help but see OP’s name and behavior and question if he’s doing this on purpose. :thinking:


I thought…

Locked = Solved
Deleted = Against ToU/ToS

Just an assumption, though.


Uh, I imagine it depends on the severity of the contents of the thread. Like, if one is just too much to clean up it’s deleted entirely instead of tidied up and locked.

If there’s still useful content then it has unhelpful posts pruned and is locked.

Just my guesses.



They are also using alts to post this crud over and over again.

Guess they dont realize that their achievo’s are the same LMAO!

Circumvented by only displaying char achievements, but you can’t hide pets/mounts unless you make another account or (the budget alternative) use a classic alt.

Which is why one can often safely scroll past the legions of throwaway classic DKs.

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Classic characters should never have been allowed to post on the forums IMO. They’re almost always used to troll on GD.


Not sure why you keep asking your questions in General Discussion where it’s just going to get bandied about by other posters who can’t answer your questions instead of Customer Support where you might actually get an answer.

Your last thread like this had to be dragged over there by the blues, where Vrak clarified that your other post that got deleted could make people think that there was actually a technical problem with your account and/or the forums. That wasn’t something they wanted to let stand, so it was deleted.

Your thread that was pulled over there was locked because with the answers from the SFA the functional discussion was done, but left up so that people could also get that information from it.

Either way, you’re dancing right on the line of winning silly prizes for playing silly games.


Hey I’m one of the good guys :frowning:

To the OP: As others pointed Vrak gave you a clear answer just learn and move on.


I’m not aware of what vrak said. I’m just saying my opinion based on what I’ve observed.

I’m sure there are some non-troll classic GD posters like yourself. I just see a disproportionate number doing the opposite, usually with a classic toon is all.

In theory, as it seems to differ per mod, leaving a thread up but locked serves as example to ‘don’t do this!’
Where as a deletion means you gone and done something stupid nobody should see.


Was talking to OP about what vrak said kind gnome! :disguised_face: sorry should’ve put “to the OP” haha.

Aaaand fixed!

Severe derailing into politics tends to get things nuked.

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Not necessarily. Mods just lock stuff that you’d expect to be deleted all the time. Usually when that happens it’s because they’ve made one final post to explain or comment and they want it there for others to see without anyone having the ability to continue the thread.


Nobody understands how these mods operate.

I’ve seen threads that clearly break the CoC get restored.

I’ve seen posters say something pretty nasty that again, broke the CoC, their post will get deleted, then they’re posting 7 minutes later.

I’ve seen people say something pretty harmless but might be considered toeing the line get a month long vacation.

I think the CMs give just as much attention to moderating these forums as GMs do answering tickets.