What warrants a Thread being Locked vs Deleted

While I can see how you can think Im trying to bring up the other threads, I’m actually curious what deems deletion vs locks. Otherwise, I would have tried to cried innocence and linked the other threads.

Kinda figured that CS was more for actual technical issues with the game and website, not general questions.

That answer was about the thread that was locked. I’m just asking what deems a lock vs deletion.

Lock =topic might be appropriate but discussion has gone out of hand
Deletion = this thread shouldn’t be on these forum


its a roulette. ive reported posts that had ppl actually tell someone to take their own life and that post, nor thread was deleted but youll have actual innocent posters get their things deleted, get banned (could just be bc they quoted someone who also got reported) or w/e.

mods are a joke, most of it is automations. that one lgbt thread was locked and hidden yesterday but not deleted when they know damn well the op of that thread is a known troll and refuse to perma ban him lol.

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