What time Friday does the test end?

Agree. It is a global test, not a stress test.

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Blue post says it ends At the end of Friday (midnight PST?). However, this is the last chance to test everything… keeping it open over the weekend would make a lot more sense.

Ah, didn’t even think of that.

Well with the news that name reservation will be on monday. it seems far less likely they will extend.

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Where is the news on Monday?

I’m so close to texting my boss right now to say that I won’t be able to make it in on Thursday. :nail_care:t5:

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Patients. A good jedi uses patiences. These are not the workers you are looking for. You don’t need them to work Thursday and Friday. Play your game. Play your game.

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13 Hrs Only.

Seems understandable to me since this is during the time that Blizzard developers will be at work in Irvine to monitor the servers, make any adjustments, and conduct tests in real-time. It’s going to be available world-wide, and the starting time is a great time for people in the EU region to test it out. Hopefully they make up for those of us in the Americas that will be at work.

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and now you know the real reason why they are releasing the game worldwide on a Monday :smile:

Is there any idea if leveling done in this test would transfer over to the launch?

do you know what time the stress test starts tomorrow?
im reeeeally bad with time zones, i live in the east coast of canada if anyone could give the /time it starts that owuld be sweet

No. How would it?

If you live in Newfoundland, it starts at 3:30 PM for you. If you live in the Atlantic Daylight time zone (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, most of Labrador, eastern Quebec near St. Augustin) then it starts at 3PM for you. If you live in the part of Quebec that is on standard time (most of Quebec), then it starts at 2PM for you.

In the future, you can use this website to convert time to your local time:
timeanddate (dot) com

Just use PDT or Los Angeles for Blizzard’s time, and then put the city nearest you.

To the guy that asked if leveling progression will be transferred over, it definitely will not. However, the test is to make sure that the servers don’t crash for the launch, so it’s very important that as many people as possible try to log on during the 2 hour window.

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The forums convert it automatically, no? They do for me anyway I see Friday 4am start for the stress test.

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Including Blizzard employees who will be monitoring the test. :sunglasses:

show how little I know about this stuff. I didn’t even consider real-time testing, only data collection :woman_facepalming:

Yup. I’m at work. Not home sick. Not waiting and pacing for stress test in less than 3 hours.

If you are in the US and at work shoot me your work phone number.

There’s a family “emergency”!