What time Friday does the test end?

(Fanghelm) #1

The blue post doesn’t say.

(Fellína) #2

I bet they give you till monday.


wouldnt that just be wonderful.


purely conjecture on my part, but I think it will be more than 24 hours.

edit: just read the thread at the top of the classic forum page and it says it runs from Aug 8 at 11:00 am until the end of day Friday Aug 9, with emphasis on playing first thing Thursday, when they will do the most monitoring.

Kinda weird, since I feel a lot of people that are anticipating Classic, will likely be working Thursday morning.

(Mini) #5

That would honestly be great.

Was not one of the previous tests extended through the weekend? Maybe I’m just getting that confused with the extra test the had after the first one?

(Fellína) #6

Considering that most of the test lasted multiple days even though the major testing was done at the start i think would seem rather logical to think it would end Monday morning. Part of this test is to understand how many people are going to show up so they can have a bunch of servers spun up in reserve.


Quite honestly, they should run it until Sunday night at the earliest.

Use the weekend to not just crunch numbers on their backend for load balancing and what not, but use it for a short term beta to catch any bugs their internal testers missed.

Sure, it would be nice to have the extra time as a player, but having worked in similar environments before, getting some added time to run the environment under load before going into production never hurt.


Our global pre-launch test of WoW Classic will begin on Thursday, August 8 at 11:00 a.m. PDT and is scheduled to end on Friday, August 9. This test will be available to all World of Warcraft players with a current subscription or active game time in all regions. The maximum character level will be 15.

We ask that players please log-in and play as much as possible during the first two hours of the test – 11:00 a.m. PDT to 1:00 p.m. PDT, as that is when we’ll be actively monitoring for issues important to launch.

(Fellína) #9

That doesnt say when it ends just FYI.


it says it ends on Friday, August 9. Sure, it doesn’t way what time, but it is pretty clear it doesn’t run all weekend.

(Fellína) #11

Oops i read the wrong part. you are correct


Like someone else said, though, it could very well be extended. It’ll probably really depend on the data they collect Thursday morning, I think.

(Fellína) #13

I am actually rather surprised they did not put it over the weekend. The long tail of people trying it out would be to there benfit of unique users just logging in once or to set up addons.

(Cowgoezmoo) #14

I personally think it will end on Thursday Midnight PDT when it technically hits Friday.


I agree. Same reason it struck me odd that they want people to play the most on Thursday morning. it’s likely a lot of us will be working.


Some will call in sick Thursday. And possibly Friday as well.

But not me. I’ll be at work. Really i will. Honestly.


Hah! you know, it didn’t even dawn on me but you can almost certainly count on it.

So much so, the dev’s may have counted on it as well :wink:

(Fellína) #18

I would guess its mostly to make sure that the Euro Servers are set up as they have a ok idea of what the US numbers are it would seem


Agree. It is a global test, not a stress test.


Blue post says it ends At the end of Friday (midnight PST?). However, this is the last chance to test everything… keeping it open over the weekend would make a lot more sense.