What things do you think players will ruin in TBC

Why? What raiders need is people who show up and perform consistently, not prima donas who show up when they want and think they’re special because they pvp.

Not every PVP player is that way, there are a few who are as you say but most are really nice.

Yeah that’s probably not gonna be possible with guilds forcing loot council, even on content that’s old, on farm, and can be pugged.

Guilds will always lose members due to loot drama like that.

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Depends on how they handle the LC.

I have seen LC’s done a few ways that are super fair and basically 100% transparent and other LC’s that are crooooooked as hell. And even hybrid systems that are really good like a mix of LC and DKP that works out really good, just depends on who is in charge and how its handled. Bad leadership will destroy and guild in short order, but so will the lack of order and leadership.


If they use the last patch, they will either have to revert one change or effectively poison pill PvP in it pretty hard.

In the last patch they decided to give Hunters a dispel added to their Arcane Shot.

People complained it was overpowered (It was) and blizzard responded that it was too close to Wrath and to wait. Then Wrath came out and they complained and blizzard said to wait till people were at max level. Then after people hit max level and geared and still complaining. Blizzard finally addressed it.

If they were trying to poison pill in private server dumb enough to blindly follow the last patch, they did so with that. Hopefully they don’t hurt their own return to it making the same mistake.

Giving hunters a magic dispel didn’t even logically make sense to begin with. But having it tied to their natural damage rotation where they do it without thinking is even worse.

If they refuse to address it, you will have hunters arcane shotting off Priest bubbles, mage armors, HoTs and other things which isn’t near representative of what made TBC great and actually caused nothing but problems when they did it.

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Wait are you saying that ARCANE SHOT purging one RANDOM buff in a sea of trash buffs is game-breaking to TBC? Not 1.5 minute Blind CD on rogues? Not Druids having TWO DIFFERENT DR spammable CC abilities? Not sl/sl warlocks doing 3k+ dmgper instant cast ability while being the tankiest class in the game? Not the Mage water ele ranged novaing an entire team from 30 yards, into a 5k shatter combo?

Hunters are all but guaranteed to be the worst pure DPS class in arena, but hey at least we can… dispel a random buff every 6 seconds?

Classic is a copy of a 2005 game, but it is being played by 2020 players. A lot of the “wonderful things we remember” were caused by other players being newbies and/or us being newbies.

I’m sure the same will happen with TBC, unless Blizzard has a clone army they can add. I figure about half a million players would do it. How long does it take to grow a clone army?

Not really. Like on horde side you have everything. But try getting or crafting stuff on alliance side. GL with the dead AH

I honestly would like to see some form of change to attunements in TBC, they really are truly insane.

Not removed, not nerfed. But perhaps being account wide?

It is literally insane to try to have any alts in TBC. The attunement chain is absolutely out of control in TBC, there’s no legitimate argument that it is not so.

You should only have to do it on one toon.

The fact that Blizzard is silent on teleport and fly hacking and refuses to fix it.


Some of the utility buffs to Hunters would have been better as talents.

Aimed Shot becomes a 41-yard Mortal Strike? Giving a healing reduction to Aimed Shot should have been a talent past 31-points in Marksmanship. It could have been tied to another talent (e.g. 5/5 points = 50% healing reduction -or- 'Your Aimed Shot critical strikes now reduce healing effects by 50% for 10 seconds). Something similar could have been incorporated into the Beastmastery tree so that critical strikes from pets add a stacking healing reduction, like Wound Poison.

Likewise, the dispel to Arcane Shot could have been an add-on to a deep Survival talent, perhaps to Expose Weakness (e.g. 5/5 = Your Arcane Shots now have a 100% chance to dispel a magic effect on the target).

Many people wont even get that far. You have to get through the Dark Portal first…good luck on any PvP server.


All the PVP vendor gear was released at one place in Netherstorm.
We’re on a mega server compared to back then. That room will need its own instance as the Light Capacitor hasn’t been changed and many mages will just aoe the living crap out of that room until we get the next patch fix.
You know, authentic TBCC experience.

You realize the reason they added it in the first place is because Hunters had extremely low arena representation, and were objectively one of the worst pure DPS classes in arena right? And they removed it in WoTLK because in WoTLK Hunters became VERY good in PvP, whole toolkit got massive buffs and didn’t need a dmg+dispel on same key. They made Tranquilizing Shot remove 1 buff on 8sec CD instead.

Pushing these sub-par utility components of Hunters TBC kits further down in talent trees makes them as powerful as they were in S1/S2 before 2.3 buffs: pure and absolute trash.

There is nothing ‘sub-par’ about making Aimed Shot a Mortal Strike and making Arcane Shot a dispel. If your metric is, "YEAH WELL IT STILL WOULDNT HAVE MADE HUNTERS THE TOP CLASS IN ARENA IN S1/S2", then fine – you think these buffs are ‘sub-par’, that’s on you.

Nice use of Le Reddit "YuO Do ReAliZe" non-think. Yes, "I dO rEaLiZe" Hunters were changed in WoTLK. Good lord.

Primals are going to be so expensive that you won’t even believe it.

If #NoChanges goes through on TBC Classic and Belf pallies are left to be OP I think I’ll unsub probably, skip it and wait for Wrath.

Cyberpunk 2077, Mordhau, Civ, CK3, OSRS and achivement hunting in those games should keep me busy for more than a year.

We’ll ruin everything about TBC and I’ll still have a great time. Just like classic.

Attunements are great. They give you more of a sense of accomplishment, and maybe it’ll cut down on:

(1) that alt who’s in level 10 greens who boosted himself on his other account who wants to come into your progression raid and suck up gear, but who can’t be bothered to show up otherwise

(2) the same sort of character paying huge amounts of illicitly obtained gold to get his 10th level 70 a set of warglaives

This kind of stuff will still happen, but at least they’ll have to work a little harder at it.

The list of things they WON’T ruin would be shorter, friend.

I’ll go ahead and start that:

  1. Fruit Vendor in Shattrath

snobby butthole players and everyone jerking off to warcraft logs and having to be meta to compete in the warcraft logs.

oh, and multiboxxers on PVP servers.