What the hell i never knew Mathias and Flynn where in that kind of relationship

when I got to the word “cater” I pretty much knew where you stood on this.

Yup… I was right…

You’re right… it shouldn’t matter either way… so why do you feel that it is catering and feel that it is woke since in your words… it doesn’t matter.


Yes, my Mom says I’m very handsome and smart and that any girl would be lucky to marry a boy like me.
They really like it when I tell them to smile more cause it would make them look prettier.


Right :roll_eyes:

Should Anduin have run into the SI:7 headquarters in the midst of Shaw’s drag performance? I guess if he’s going to be gay he needs to be fruity the house down boots yes gawd?


lmao seriously

Is the person he is in a relationship a co-worker? Cause if he’s married to his work, it makes sense he would form a relationship with someone who is married to his same job, but again, all depends on how well the book is written.

I feel WoW is great at making characters a bit shallow in games, but brought to life in their books, I really enjoyed Before The Storm.

Remember all the threads complaining about stright relationships in WoW?
Me neither.


It feels like the issue was written by someone who actually didn’t know the history of the characters and actually doesn’t have experience in writing a romance backstory for characters.

To put it bluntly… it felt like one character clubbed the other character over the head and dragged them back to the cave… and they walked out of the cave in a relationship.

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The point is. Shaw for example has no signs of his sexuality for the entire time WoW has been out. Suddenly out of left field he comes out and pursues a relationship with nothing to back it up. That’s Harry Potter level of virtue signaling.

Yes cause if you’re not constantly hitting on SOMETHING, it’s suspect. Additionally, if you had even read the book in which his feelings develop, you’d know just how wrong you are.

Shaw and Flynn begin doing missions IG together, running through vaults with Flynn, etc etc so they are clearly spending tons of time together. In the book it explains from his point of view that he slowly begins to notice things about Flynn he didn’t before. How in spite of being a drunken fool he is clever, very clever. And that he smells like soap and whiskey and what a pleasant scent that is. Nowhere in that book is he just like, whelp woke up from that nap guess I like dudes now.


I just feel like they were shoving it down our throats the entire time the game was out with all these woke “straight” relationships. They’re just pandering to straight people!



Hey, we don’t joke about that. They did my girl Tyrande dirty with that writing.

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You’re right. Nobody ever complained about “tYrAnDe i nEeD yOu!”

I’m sure everyone hates the cuck relationship Nathanos is in with Sylvanas.

Sounds like standard Blizz writing.

And imo, I’ve only read the synopsis in wowpedia and the entire thing sounds like a BL fanfic, and I should know about that.

I swear, if I never have to see Tyrande and Malfurion even sharing the same area again, I’ll be happy.

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So… has anyone that’s spent the last 20 minutes criticizing the relationship developing in the novel… actually read the novel? Cuz I’m seeing a lot of “Well I didn’t read but I just know it wasn’t good”

I didn’t read the book.

Yeah, we can tell.

I’m on the opposite spectrum to where I didn’t read it, but I assume it’s not that bad lol

Bottom line: Blizz writing is kind of bad. Blizz writing it’s worse when they do romance no matter the characters involved.

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