What’s a good level for Dead Mines?

Maybe he hasn’t played retail since before the dungeon finder was implemented?

Hardly any Horde characters run Deadmines at level. It’s hard to get to.

Sometimes horde run deadmines to get twink gear. Sometimes there’s that _CRAZY_group that wants to actually do it for realz.

But that’s only sometimes…

Nonsense. Ran DM on all my horde characters starting in Vanilla. It’s a pain to travel to Westfall, but it’s totally doable.

Relatively speaking, it hardly ever happens. I’ve only ever seen one group being spammed, and I’ve played since day 1.

By that reasoning, you wait 5-7 levels after an elite mob before you are willing to fight it, so ragnaros is a skull level which gets calculated at 63 so you want to wait to level 67-69 to fight it ?

yes that example takes the piss a little, but go down further instances and u will see a similar trend, lets look at baron in strat UD its level 62, so again your saying 66-68, l;ets look at ZF Chief Ukorz Sandscalp level 48 so we should be lv 53-55 to run ZF.

i think by this point you should see the rediculousness of this.

edited to refine my comment to be more comprehensive

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Well, Himself, color me crazy. Did it myself; helped my friends, both Alliance and Horde.

Some people actually believe that there are faction-specific dungeons. There are a couple of dungeons located in faction cities, but they are accessible to anyone who doesn’t mind a few corpse walks.

It’s a pity that Classic players are not taking advantage of all the dungeon content.

I don’t consider Orgrimmar to be accessible to Alliance characters at level 12, and I see no reason why a leveler would do that.

Because it’s fun fun fun! And because you can say you did it.

Haha. Just for shiggles. But of course, that’s why I play games at all.

Level 66? LOL what a troll and clearly a retail player exactly as I said. Also notice the subtle manipulation tactic by posting a dungeon/instance that cannot be used as a comparison to Deadmines.

I did too, back in the day. Only a hop skip and a jump from the zep. There is a lot of cool gear!

Hell, I even saw a group run into Stormwind to do Stockades a couple days ago :\

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I recently saw someone recommending that a higher level player should farm Deadmines for gold. All I could think was, how far is the walk to the nearest vendor?

People are trying to level up. I don’t blame them if they don’t think taking an entire day’s play to do a dungeon is not an efficient way of leveling.

A naked, drunken run from Hillsbrad to Stormwind and the stocks is really a must-do.

And I did it before itemization was improved in the original 1.12 (originally all white/grey/green junk drops, even from bosses).

I’m super glad to hear that some Classic players are carrying on these CRAZY traditions. Bet it was a group of veteran players. .

I don’t care whether it’s “an efficient way to level.” In Vanilla and in Classic, it’s the journey that matters because the destination is always going to be more of the same.

So while you’re “leveling” it’s useful to remember that it’s not a competition; you will max when you max and there is no premium in rushing it.

I strongly recommend taking time to do some out of the ordinary stuff just for the fun of doing it and without any specific objective in mind than to (a) see if you can and (b) have FUN!

that’s very funny I haven’t played retail since legion.

also my point is why expand levels so high, with CC, communication and a little skill you can clear content lower than the recommended level, sure add a few levels if your doing a complete pug if your not too confident, but to only take players who are above the level of a dungeon, to the point its nearly useless… all I can say is whats the point.

forgot to add the quote, also edited my original comment

not far actually. theres a hidden vendor in moonbrook


dude. the GAME ITSELF tells you to do it at 17/18. go talk to an innkeeper


You are tilting at windmills.
And you are wrong.
And you are trolling.

0/10 and -5 because it’s not Sunday

typically speaking I norlmally find its the retail kids saying it needs to be a higher level but w/e im out I find your the troll at this point friend

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Retail kids will defend retail kids.

Face it, none o fyou get the concept between What you do something with and what you SHOULD do something with are different.

Right now all anyone does is say hey level 18 level 18 level 18…Not understanding the concept of ELITE

ELITES themselves explain why recommended level is 23-24,

You killing a level 17 elite means nothing.