What’s a good level for Dead Mines?

What’s the recommend level? Thank you

17-18 is good.


I’d say at least 16 myself.
It’d be preferable to be higher but 16 i’d say is a safe minimum.


The trash mob level at Deadmine is LvL 17. So for DPS and Tank, the minimum level required is LvL 17. Healer class might go there at LvL 15~16 ish but no less than that unless they got mana potions.


What ya wanna do? Heals and dps can slide in a bit earlier around 16-17, but the tank should probably be 18+.

Always dc vc 17-18

Don’t listen to anyone saying level 17 or 18 that is retail kids who don’t know the first thing about how elites work in Classic. They somehow believe a level 17 elite is the same as a regular level 17 enemy and so they base their whole argument around the enemy level instead of looking at the overall structure.

They will use GROUP as a crutch or some ridiculous statement of we cleared it out with (insert whatever) but the fact is the recommended level for Deadmines is level 23-24.

A level 17-18 elite is the same as fighting a regular level 23-24 enemy.

To be clear no one is saying it cannot be cleared with a bunch of level 17-18 characters.

Doing that is not the same as what RECOMMENDED LEVEL means"


I healed a group with nobody above 19 and it wasn’t very hard. Sorry you’re not good at pushing buttons.


Rofl by this level nobody is staying at deadmines that’s a joke.


For a full group? 15+

For three or fewer? 19+

No its not. The end boss is 21 for crying out loud and most of the trash in the dungeon arent even elites. You go in at 23 and literally every mob is green to you. No, the correct answer is “are the quests yellow? Then you’re good”.


No. It is not.

By 23-24 you should be doing BFD, the Stocks and SFK.

You probably never played Vanilla. My first DM group was a combination of 15-18s and we cleared no problem. DM also was a great place to farm gear for BG twinks. Geared up my 9 twink rogue starting at level 15 and ran till I had the full defias set. Finished leveling to 29 in BFD and SFK.

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As I said all retail players don’t even play the game they use the whole WE can group as a crutch to get around having to actually play so they push the retail play style onto everyone and argue with anyone that opposes them.

I’d like to see a level 18 solo try to get even half way into the deadmines before the instance itself, they wouldn’t last and they all know it. Which proves my point, If level 17 is fine they should be able to solo the elites.

The recommended level for a dungeon is when you can solo at least 1/2 of it by yourself without too much trouble.

I mean just look at Redridge that says it all, it’s filled with retail kiddies. And you know how to tell, because they’re all level 15-17. They will argue that the game allowed them to get into that area and they can group as some flawed reasoning. Anyone that knows classic will tell you first hand levels 15-19 are for Loch Modan.

The level in which it can be done has no relevance to what the recommended level is as they are 2 completely different things.

Just because if can be cleared doesn’t mean that’s the recommended level, and there is no explaining that concept because the only thing you retail kiddies can see is that you did it and it can be done, which is why people tell you all that you know nothing of classic.

Curedbacon is dumb and should feel dumb.


Mouse over the summoning stone and see what it says.

Deadmines and Wailing Caverns are at the same level in classic.


You’re a fool if you believe that. Seriously.

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I’ve never run DM as I’ve been horde forever but, if it’s the same as WC then I’d say 19-20. Lower end is possible but I’d want the tank in the aforementioned range simply for the hit chance. That’s really the only annoying thing about being lower level is dodge dodge parry miss resist lol. I always aim to be at least within 2 levels of the last boss.

if the recommended level for a dungeon is dependent on the ability to solo the dungeon then i guess level 60 isnt good enough to scholo/strat/ubrs/lbrs. better tell all those guys farming it that they should hold off till burning crusade launches i guess.

you are comparing world questing with dungeons. those two are no where near the same.

According to progameguides com the recommended levels are 17-24. You can walk into a dungeon much lower than the recommended minimum, but you won’t be able to meaningfully participate. That’s a carry.

Honestly I don’t understand this comment at all.