What reveal for Blizzconline are you looking forward to?

Cuz money but I’d imagine Overwatch isn’t making quite as much money as it did so Blizzards probably sweating and pulling at their shirt collars

They’ll likely have afew snazzy trailers that completely misrepresent the product so they’ll always be fun to see.

If it has anything to do with Overwatch I’ll just switch off.

Diablo 4 maybe? I’m always hoping for a Starcraft mmorpg.

I’d be surprised if they have anything for Warcraft. More edgy Sylvanas redemption crap perhaps? Maybe Arthas being thrown into the mix?

The cgi shorts are pretty at least. I’m not gonna forget the hype that happened when Sombra was finally revealed at that one blizzcon lol

I have low expectations for this Blizzcon.

Hope 9.1 looks cool, and hope TBC isn’t too far, itching for some old content and Classic I’ve already played enough.


Nothing really, I actually hate Blizzard as a company and I don’t play any of their games besides wow, which I mostly do out of addiction than anything else to be honest.

I actually had some expectation about them announcing changes to the loot mess but they’ve already decided on something (a crap something btw) so I have nothing to expect from Blizzcon that I’d find relevant, even wow related.


The Worgen form is, at its core, a Druidic shapeshift. Druids shapeshift into animals with tails all the time and have no issue with their clothes tearing or anything like that.


Nothing exciting is getting revealed this year, so absolutely nothing from this company.

Thankfully New World is coming out this year and those devs actually take note of customer feedback.


I’m curious to see if a new zone will be opened for 9.1. SL seems really locked to the 4 covenant zones + maw, so I wonder where we will go in the future.

I am wondering if they are going to try to port Torghast to mobile or console (it feels like a console game to me).

For WoW, I expect some vague reveal and a possible new zone. They will also give us the outline for the next big patch including flying requirements.

If they are smart they will give us back our whistles.



Something Hearthstone and anything about D4, thats it

Many in my previous guild, my push groups, as well as some of my real life friends have all transferred Horde with the hopes of finding people to play with.

Blizzard seems content to profit from transfers, likely until the situation hits critical mass only at which point will Blizzard act.

…a new game director for WoW!


Please. Pretty please with a friggin cherry on top.

Absolutely nothing, other than them announcing the end of WoW.

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Id like to see if that rumor about a new IP is true. Other than that, 9.1 announcement

But don’t worgen still keep their clothes on when they change?

“We’re unpruning all the fun stuff we took out in prior expansions.”

9.1 hopefully not being designed around 2 weekly quests and filling the rest with unfulfilling dungeon farming

Diablo 4 news. Surprise New RTS game. I don’t think blizzard has enough resources to do Wo2 and Diablo though

Undead, Orc, Troll, Human, Draenei, Night Elf and Panda heritage armor.