What reveal for Blizzconline are you looking forward to?

For me, I’m looking forward to the reveal of the Worgen Tail customization option. Finally after 11 years, Worgen players can choose to have the tail that they’ve been asking for since day 1 of the addition of playable Worgen to the game back in Cataclysm Alpha and Beta.

How about you? you looking forward to the reveal of more character customization options, especially that of a Worgen tail? or something else?


Oh, this is a wish list?

  1. Havoc rework
  2. Expansion of the Maw.

On a separate note, why do Worgen need tails? They don’t seem to have balance problems.


Literally any acknowledgement of faction imbalance in hardcore gameplay that doesn’t brush it off.


Multiple mobile phone IP, I prepared my phone for this.


Wow on mobile, just to see what memes are released. No intention to download it, but after the last debacle, it’s going to be hilarious to see them double down.


that’s like saying, why do Demon Hunters need horn or tattoo options?

it’s called player customization options. Just search google or this and the old forums, you’ll find forum posts going as far back to 2010 asking for tails, many with thousands of replies and such :slight_smile:

Here are these more recent post:


Or this classic post of mine:

That spanned multiple posts and reposts and had over 200 pages worth of over 5000 replies on the old forum in regards to wanting Worgen Updates and Tails :stuck_out_tongue:


booty silder


Losing a raid tier for tons of Moonkin customization and druid forms for all the covenants!

The other classes may have something they like too… some sort of hammer thing for pallys etc.


I want to see that quality cinematic of what happens after Sylvanas and the Big Sword because that is the event ingame that really interests me.


Worgen have zero need for a tail… and actually a tail would be a truly physical problem for them.

Gilneans walk around in their “human form” a majority of time… and they wear clothes and armor that fit to that form.

If their worgen form had a tail… it would burst thru their clothes creating a hole in the clothing/armor.

When they revert back to human form… you can pretty much assume they would be the butt of many a jokes.


Whoa… Sylvanas and the big sword?

looks at the world sized sword in Silithus
I’m not sure I really wanna watch this… cut… scene.


It’s been acknowledged multiple times. There is no fix. People in this game play for optimal gameplay. Original everyone came horde for better racials, now that the racials have been smoothed out, their is no reason to go back. There are more players here now and races are equal so why leave? The only “fix” is to remove the system.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but…I use my phone pretty much exclusively for talking, texting, email, and internet. Once in a while, to get directions. That’s it. Communications, and little else. Insane, isn’t it?

I have a first-rate PC for gaming. Why would I limit myself to playing on a clumsy-handling device with a dinky little 6 inch screen?


The burning crusade realm.


Maybe that’s what I’m wanting to hear???


I wouldn’t mind some new customizations. Or maybe some filler lore to snack on before they drop whatever big thing story wise is up next.

Honestly I mostly watched Blizzcon for the voice acting panels and cosplay contest. Gonna be weird this year but hey we’ll see how it goes.

Only BC matters


^^^ Only worthwhile news.

Maybe diablo 4 too but still TBC is the main focus.


I’m just curious what the heck happened to Overwatch 2.

Its sooooo similar to overwatch 1 that I dunno why is it being developed in first place :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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