What races would fit best for more demon hunter races?

all i can really think of is orcs and draenei, specifically the red fel orcs in outland (there’s some normal-looking ones and not the freaky looking ones in outland now) and the eredar draenei. i feel like they could contrive something along the lines of them being reformed and this is done through working with the illidari.


Given Demon Hunters are meant to be limb & nimble, despite them being from Outland - it’s hard to imagine bulky orcs & draenie as Demon Hunters. I’m not saying those two races can’t be limb & nimble, but at the very least on the scale that fits.

I could probably see Trolls, Zandalari, Humans and Worgen as Demon Hunters though – Even moreso if WoW gave Night-Elf Worgen to the Alliance.

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Orc for Horde, Draenei for the Alliance.

These two races have a talent for the Fel, even if the draenei don’t like to talk about it. There’s a reason all the upper and middle management of the burning legion was their cousins.


I’ll hop on the “orcs and draenei are the obvious choices” bandwagon.

Especially because maybe we could get a fel (or chaos) orc and broken draenei skin out of the deal, just saying.


Ideally I would go with races that would have been around with the Illidari for more demon hunter races.

It would be great if they added broken as an allied race for the alliance.


Void Elves in Hearthstone can be Demon Hunters, so obviously Void Elves and likely Nightborne.



Demon Hunters are tied to Illidan and he only trained elves. and no stinking Void Elves.


As Drahliana said, Demon Hunters are tied to Illidan and he only ever trained Sin’dorei and Kaldorei. Not Shal’dorei or Ren’dorei, just the Sin’dorei, and Kaldorei.

Furthermore, who’d WANT to become a Demon Hunter? Miserable experience; you’re a schizophrenic, hated by your society for being a demon, plus the reason why the OG DHS became DHS doesn’t exist anymore: The Burning Legion’s not a threat anymore.


Hearthstone has Demon Hunters that are Void Elves. They can be Blood Elves gone Void. :kissing:

Have you met Void Elves? We are into so kinky crazy things, and I bet many would be happy to delve into Fel. Also they can also be Blood Elf DH who turned Void.


Hearthstone canon is separate from WoW canon.
There is no canon plausibility for a sin’dorei demon hunter to have possibly been in Umbric’s entourage to Telogrus.

The initial transformation is not repeatable as it currently stands. Becoming ren’dorei is not in direct correlation to heavy and profane usage of the void.

Trust me, give Blizzard enough time and anything is possible. We know they’ve introduced exclusive Hearthstone characters before and I am sure given the time they can do so again. Lore wise it doesn’t make sense to exclude them since they could easily say, “These were former sin’dorei Demon Hunters who have joined their kin in exile as ren’dorei.”

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That time is not now.

Yes, but they haven’t, yet, for this circumstance. It remains impossible.

Yes, it does make sense.

If you didn’t skip the quest text, you’d know this.


I have a demon hunter night elf and a blood elf. I get how they are trapped in Legion questing, but like how they expanded Death Knights to include Allied races and pandas. They can eventually do it for DH and beyond. If they can justify orc priests. They can justify anything.

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Correct, but this hasn’t happened as of now. That is the argument. It is, currently, not plausible.

I understand, but it can be and so it maybe is my point. The future is unknown. Today we know at present they are not available, but they’ve said the same things about adding new classes to existing races, but then did so for rogues/mages/priests for existing races. Shadowlands allowed for allied races DKs. The story can be changed is my point and I don’t think it would break the game one way or another.

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DKS could easily be justified: fallen Fourth War victims.

Even Orcs can wield the Light, (and worship, even if I think the idea of Orcs from either universe willingly worshipping the Light is stupid)

You can’t just ‘miss’ a Demon Hunter, they’re a very obvious sight. The absence of Sin’dorei Demon Hunters amongst Umbric’s group simply means that there are no DHS. If they go back and suddenly say, “There were Demon Hunters among Umbric’s group”, that’d be a glaring plot-hole.

Ren’dorei can’t become DHS for another reason, void + fel = incredibly unstable.

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You’re absolutely correct - it wouldn’t. At least with proper explanation, give or take your standards on proper.

Doing so right now, though, would break things. I get what you’re saying, though my stance is in support of the lore we know today, which condones no such thing.

Unstable when Gul’dan did it. It depends on how much force is introduced into anyone being. I am saying, in the future, they can add Demon Hunter classes to other existing races either trained as a new generation of DHs which we see in the order hall and/or some other plot device.

Lore is flexible and retcons happen all the time. To justify any class from tauren rogues to orc priests. If anything, their mindset has shifted on how to introduce classes into the game for existing races. The best part about void elves is they use the blood elf model so they wouldn’t need to add new motions for the skeleton. All they need to do is add the skin tones and boom they’re done. Anything a Blood Elf can be so can a Void Elf.

Honestly I pay a Race swap my Legion Demon Hunter in a heart beat, I love my Blood Elves but… Void Elves are just my favorite at the moment off all the elves. (Please don’t kill me I know the story is not great, but they are just soo cool IMO)

Also my friends all left to play mainly Alliance

Things are not looking great on the Red Side RPG wise, with all the Main Racial leadership basically gone, what’s left more focus on just surviving, trying to keep good relations with the Blue Avengers team :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… and most of my friends have left their Horde characters to play mainly in Alliance since the story seems to mainly focus on them in the past few expansion, (“according to them, my friends”), I argue but meh, what’s to argue…at this point in the story, when it wont matter beyond PvP in the near future lol, and I’m ok with that actually.

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Funny enough my Horde guild has gone silent and sadly no longer active for raiding. So I feel like I have little reason to play other than for the story which I find fascinating especially for Void Elves. If you travel to Veldrakken Hot spa you will see Void Elf who looks like a High Elf standing next to a regular Blood Elf. Meaning that since SL the animosity between the elves have lessened significantly. I want to see more admixture for Void Elves ranging from normal looking to fel infused Demon Hunter. The future is void and I am here for the Old Gods return!