What people don't understand is

Hi guys, Im retail panda. I would like to give you input on things I do not know or understand.


Yes and no.
We are the consumers, games are meant to be designed for the consumers because that’s what sells.
They are now designing a game where it’s focused around a niche minority that’s not playing their game for the game, but for their own gains. The actual players are being ignored because we cannot provide another 4+ accounts to farm gold, or make get enough rent money.
Casuals are going to ironically be hit harder as it limits their gold making capability more then non casuals simply because more players are pushed to the open world, or limited in amounts of dungeons/raids per day.

There is a reason why retail hasn’t been hit by a lockout cap already when you consider how much dungeon grinds people do in a day. You can easily reach 30 lockouts in retail and yet no cap.

Not hard the understand their stance tbh.

I mean, there was that whole 5 instance lockout per hour rule that has been around forever. Seems to suggest to me, that Instances aren’t meant to be heavily farmed, endlessly.

Does this even make sense to you? /facepalm

boosters are in denial that no one else was enjoying the boost sales spam dynamic but them

5 an hour. I can say thats reasonable because it locks an hour. When you cap a day? Now you are saying that I can really only play so much per day for what I pay if that were my “thing”.
Whether I play the game the same as you doesnt matter, I pay the same amount.

Well, Retail, also, has Level Scaling and LFD. A High Level gets marked down to the appropriate Level for said dungeon.

Why are you here again?

As someone who’s -never- purchased a Dungeon Boost, I never really cared about the “spam”.

Doesn’t matter what’s “reasonable” for you. I was merely stating that it seems evident that Blizz is anti Dungeon spamming.

IDC if you do or don’t play the same as me. What you do has no affect on me, unless you’re harassing me (which is against Blizzard’s Ruleset). What matters is complying to Blizzards Ruleset.

All I’m saying is it seems pretty clear, to me, that Blizzard was not wanting dungeons to spammed all day, and the 5/hr and 30/24hrs proves this.

That is definitely clear. Hope they realize there may be a significant portion of their playerbase who actually continued to pay for that ability.

I’ll continue to say what I’ve been saying, when it came to those against Paid Boosting, I don’t think there’s a large abundance of players spamming dungeons, all day (whether it’s legit grouping, friends helping friends, people paying for boosts, etc. doesn’t matter). I just don’t.

No, your char is still lvl 120 while the mobs are max lvl for that Xpack, so you can still steamroll old dungeons.
New dungeons don’t scale to Ilvl, that’s what M+ is for however a geared group can still clear a M15 like it’s nothing betting the timer for a 3 chest and still have lots of time to spare like it’s nothing.

just seems counter intuitive to limit how a player wants to spend their time in a game their paying for when you can easily do it on retail or other platforms of theirs anyways.

Incorrect. I qued up in an LFD for RFC, and the Tank was Level 110 but was scaled down to be the appropriate level, for the dungeon (well “60” but still).

why the F would you que for a classic dungeon looking for T-mogs when if you run inside with a higher lvl toon you wont scale to the dungeon lvl?

Seriously? My mage is my alt…the only thing for him to do all day is farm instances and run other alts. I have a friggin addon just to tell me when I can run 5 more. I game hard. Why do I get to be told the sole reason i made the class to begin with isnt “ok”? Just because you assume I fall within a category of “exploitative”? I made the mage primarily to play the game in a different capacity. This class allows me to do 5 instances, or portions quickly. 5 times an hour, ok. Now I can only play that character 6 hours a day to play it the way i enjoy?

I get your point. try to get mine.

So despite the fact they said it was to curb bots, you’re just gonna pretend it’s a whole nother reason why they made the change? There is a more obvious answer, They are incompetent.

When did I say I was queing for T-Mog? :rofl:

Hence Retail having LFD. As those against “Paid Dungeon Boosting” would be using instead of looking at Chat. Not to mention some (not all) claim they don’t want to be ran through, anyway. Hence, the Level Scaling. Let’s not forget Gold isn’t even a factor, in Retail. There’s not this large community spamming dungeons just to make Gold.

you are the biggest sore loser ive come across in a while.

“waaaaaaa people have more gold than me waaaaaaa”

“why wont blizzard stop people with more gold than me waaaaaaa”

go back to your trailer park where you clearly belong.

Atnol, in Blizzard’s post they specifically said “automated” gameplay.

And it’s hard to say that Blizzard thinks boosting or “EXTREME cases of gold farming” fits into the exploitative part, because boosting has always been allowed in every iteration of the game. It has almost never been punished, unless Real-world currency was exchanged. Also, people would need to be gold farming, like you said, in extreme amounts to have a significant effect on the economy.


Mine is my “Main”, for now.

You mean, the only thing you choose to want to do?

And, I have an RP Addon that helps immerse myself into the RP world.

I RP “hard”, so I’ve been told.

You and me both. Simply for being a Mage, I’m constantly chastised on the Forums simply for having a different opinion. Some (not all) gotta attack the Class due to this lovely preconceived notion about the Class.

You and me both. Tell you a secret, I don’t have Arcane Explosion nor Flamestrike. Or, any upgraded Fireballs (other than Rank 1 which is what you start off with) Don’t tell anybody :wink:

And, I get to effectively RP a certain way.

I hear ya. Some (not all) still don’t consider the RP Community to be “real” WoW Players.

Thank you.

I do. My point still stands that Blizz seems to be anti-dungeon spamming. No matter how much you want me to cry over your sob story :black_heart:

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