What people don't understand is

I’m a mage main, I don’t care that the 30 per day is or isn’t a thing. I care that the 30 per day WONT STOP BOTS. Ban the bots and add or dont add the 30 day thing. As long as bots are banned, the 30 per day is secondary to me.

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Have you ever considered that the behavior of a tryhard instance farmer and a bot can be hard to distinguish

However. If certain accounts are reaching the cap, then switching to another server to do it again that you can determine with 99.9% certainty that they are a bot

This change makes detecting bots MUCH easier

You would have to be utterly lazy, incompetant or mentally handicapped not to be able to spot the real bots. I am aslo sure they have been reported.

This knee jerk reaction is stupid and lazy. There is no better way to define it.

They are NOT banning bots, at least not in any meaningful way. I’ve reported the same automated bots out in the world farming for months before they disappear. In the mean time they’ve leveled up several dozen other bots.

did you know there is programs designed to check if a person is botting or not?

All games have software to prevent against bots, some work better then others but all of them still detect some bots, blizzard (at least NA) can’t even detect a mage flying in the air.

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yes the people who were abusing these systems to pay their bills in real life care more about lobbying to get it reverted

shocking i agree

boosting is just as big if not a bigger problem than the bots

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Trolling again? Why dont you go tickle some retail nuts and leave classic to people whos nuts actually have dropped.

You people screaming “they aren’t banning bots”

Have you ever taken a second to step back and think about the possibility that this change is a sign that blizzard is taking notice of the major bot problem, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, They will also be taking other steps behind the scenes to combat them more actively along with these changes

For one thing, as i mentioned earlier, this change makes quickly detecting and flagging potential botting accounts much easier by virtue of giving them a specific type of behavior to filter with, that being farming instances to cap on multiple servers rather than just one, which is something almost no legitimate player would be doing

Yeah…and when I have weeds in my yard, I dont pull all the grass either. I try to use my brain and figure how not to cut off the nose to spite the face.

Maybe blizzard considers players farming over 30 instances in under 24 hours consistently regardless of wether they are botting or not as just another type of weed

sorry, i play more than other people

Or “exploitative” (cheating). Some (not all) people didn’t read that part, in the blue post:

Some (not all) are heavily focused on the “automated” (Botting) part.

If i spend my day redoing instances, or a part of instances, that is not exploitative, Thats how i choose to play the game, they should then say " this is wow, you must play it according to the roadmap we set forth" so i dont waste my time and money on a dead end journey.

They have every right. It’s their game, they make the rules.

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literally everyone crying on the forums is a boost seller, something most the community already considers toxic and blames the empty world and dungeons for

sorry not sorry you guys were just as toxic as botters

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Seems like Blizzard already said so hence the change. I’m not saying I agree with it because I don’t necessarily think it changes anything (as in stopping these “exploiters” and/or “automated gameplays” AKA Bots).

Yep. wish they would have old me before I gave them my money. I’ll stay unsubbed if thats the case, not that it matters to them. Im sure theres more than enough too hooked to say its BS.

Oh no you can’t farm ridiculous amounts of gold you will never spend

Better quit the game

they were spending it alright, on rent :^)

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